A Potentially Wonderful Occurrence

Something potentially great has happened for me over the last week. A guy saw my profile on MSN which has been up there forever and no one has ever contacted me. He wrote on Thursday and wanted to chat with me. I checked out his profile and he says he is a Christian man and looking for a relationship like I am hoping for, and he is pretty handsome as well. So I write back that I would like to chat with him too. I had about given up on his contacting me thinking he may have changed his mind because my links may have led him to this blog. Paranoia, as I have said I experience it was setting up housekeeping in my head. Anyway, he instant messaged me last night. We chatted for a long time and he appears to be a very decent person. I told him a little of my history and he did not disappear because of it or my incessant typos due to my frayed nerves. He is supposed to call me this evening, because typing is an arduous ordeal for both of us, especially me, I type only about 30 words a minute on my best day, and yesterday was not it.
I am a little shy of relationships that are begotten on the internet. I subscribed to eHarmony for six months and gave up on it because the matches were not of the quality for which I was searching. My date experiences from eHarmony were pretty bad. This is so out of the blue and while I was not even looking, that I am inclined to check it out. I have been praying so long for someone special in my life… maybe this could be something good.
I do not want to get my expectations too high, but no-one I have ever met has said so many of the right things in an initial conversation. I will keep you posted and I know how to handle things to stay safe. Meet in a public place, and all that, after we have conversed on the phone enough that I feel okay about meeting. I am not easy prey for a predator and I am aware there are weirdoes out there. My instinct is that this guy is a good one, but I will be very careful.
Synchronicity seems at play here as I had finally made a commitment to myself to let all the men in my past go for good and move on with my life only recently. Too I had come to the place where I felt that I could be comfortable as a single person, however long that state might last. Now someone has contacted me so coincidentally… seems maybe fortuitous. I am intrigued.
Jo Ann
  1. #1 by Reeking Havoc's Lair on February 27, 2005 - 9:17 pm

    I am glad for you that you are not going to accept your ex-sis-in-law\’s invitation to feel bad about yourself. I think your political analysis is dead accurate.I am wishing for you all the best, dear JoAnn…

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on February 27, 2005 - 10:51 pm

    Thanks that means a lot. I am still recovering myself. I am still not typing as well as usual because of my nerves. I am going to be okay though. It will just take a few days to regain my composure. I do not bounce back from emotional trials as quickly as most. I have a good support network in place and that is very helpful.Thanks for reading here. Come back anytime.

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