Spoke too soon…

Well, he did not call. I guess he reconsidered. Maybe he is just busy, but it is okay anyway. I tend to overanalyze things and think too much. I am not going to worry over it… occupies too much brain power that can be used elsewhere.
I have been reading more in The Mind Map Book. I find it fascinating. I have been using this technique in very primitive form for years and wanted to learn more about it. The brain science part of the book is quite informative though some of the stuff seems really familiar. I read so much that sometimes I do not recall where I came upon information. My recall is not perfect. I wish it were, but am not so blessed. I am very fortunate I still have a functional brain, even if some of it gets a little strange sometimes.
I did not cook tonight. Still recovering from yesterday. Haven’t the energy to cook.
This whole trauma thing may take some time for me to get over. I am still typing poorly because my mind does not seem to have its normal control over my hands. I am still very nervous and my thinking is not so clear as usual. I am coping though. I have been through worse, much worse…
I probably should go. I have to take my meds and get ready for bed.
Jo Ann
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