Second Try…

Well, that royally sucks. I just did a long blog entry, was ready to post it, and MSN crashed. I lost the whole thing. Sometimes I truly hate MSN, even though I have been a member of the service for over four years now. Teach me to write my entries in the new email window, not ever again. I am going to try using One Note. I would use Word, but it tends to do funky things to the formatting.


I had some truly good thoughts written out too. Maybe I can recap. I do not know how good it will be the second time around. I am not blessed with a photographic memory like some more fortunate people I have come to know on Spaces. You will however miss out on the link I had started with because I am afraid to open MSN until I need it.


I went to bed at 12:30AM and awoke to Mom calling me at 7:04AM. The screeching alarm clock failed to wake me again. If I can afford it the next time we go shopping I am buying a new alarm clock. It is too bad you can not check the annoyance factor in store. I need a really annoying alarm. I was thinking maybe I could get an alarm with a CD player and buy Cat Scratch Fever to play in it really loud. That should wake me, heck it should wake the dead. I have memories of my first ex playing that song at extreme volume and how it always set my teeth on edge. Those first notes are totally effective at getting my attention.


I went to my orthodontist today to have my retainers checked. I was in braces while Alex was, although mine came out a little earlier. The retainers are doing fine and the doctor noticed that I have lost some weight. He said I looked great, which was really nice. People are beginning to notice and that makes me feel good. I struggle with my weight a lot because of the medications I must take. Any noticeable progress is significant.


I cooked pork chops, baby carrots, and rice this evening. I came back in front of the computer to eat and my food got cold before I finished it.


I think I am totally addicted to the internet. When I am away from the computer I miss it and I want to rush back to it. I could have a worse compulsion, but this one needs monitoring. I really never thought I would come to like blogging so much. I started this blog on January 17 and have made at least one entry every day since. That was my original intention to write daily. I do not have as many visitors as most of the other Spaces I visit. The counter finally turned over 1000 hits today, which is a blip compared to my favorite blogs, but I felt really good about it. That means some people are actually reading what I have to say. If I don’t make my evening post before late I feel my day is lacking. Tonight I am going to be pressed to get it done.


I have more to say, but must post this before midnight so it goes on the right day.



Jo Ann

  1. #1 by l on March 1, 2005 - 12:39 am

    You know what helps if you don\’t want to write it out in another program, is that every so often you select the whole entry and then press copy, in other words:Ctrl+A selects the entire thing and then Ctrl+C copies it so if it crashes you can do it over. But yeah, doing another document would probably help.Oh and congrats on your 1000 hits! Yes, I must admit that it is at least a little bit of an ego booster to know that people want to read what you write. But its a lot better if you just do it for yourself, and then if you don\’t break two digits one fine day, its no biggie.

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on March 1, 2005 - 11:13 am

    I do it mostly for myself. Blogging is my new way of forcing myself to write daily. I have been hoping it would open up the pathways to my muse again, but the fickle chap seems to have deserted me. He probably is on an extended vacation in some exotic place and will come back to me eventually with all sorts of glorious imaginings. I hope so anyway. It is sad to have creative block.I wish I had copied last night. I should know to do so because save often is my mantra in other programs and I know MSN is prone to crash. It does it to me at least every other day. On my old computer it was constant because ME was the operating system. With XP it is less frequent, but still annoying.Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.Smiles,Jo Ann

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