Friday is here, and a very good day its been.

Went to bed at 2:00AM and did not fall asleep for a while. My mind just would not shut down, too much sensory input for one day I suppose. Mom called me at 7:07AM because my alarm had not gone off. It is good that she did, because the alarm was set for 10:00AM and Alex would not have made school today otherwise. Mom is always up early, in fact, she sleeps very little these days. I took Alex to the bus and came back to compute a bit. Then I crawled into bed until 10:00AM when the alarm went off. I was still sleepy so I went back to sleep until 12:00PM. Mom went out with one of her friends.


When I got up I neatened up around here and then visited other blogs. There are so many talented and interesting people on Spaces it is amazing. I hope the community stays as great as it is. I have looked at some of the other blog hosts and I am impressed with the features on MSN. I think the text editor is feeble and am not overjoyed with the space limits on some features, but overall I think this is one of the nicer places to blog. I can use other programs to edit text for now and I just have to think out what is important to showcase on here.


Alex got home before Mom. He and I talked a little. He was pretty intent on getting on his computer. We are both computer junkies. I guess there worse things we could be. He has been playing Sims 2 this evening and most of last. If this goes as normal he will tire of the game in a few days or a week or two at most. At one point we were buying as many as six games per month between computer and Xbox and that was terribly expensive. You run up credit card balances pretty fast doing that, too. Fortunately he has slowed up on wanting so many new games since he got World of Warcraft with its paid subscription. Upgrading his computer to XP Professional for DSL compatibility and getting a new graphics card for World of Warcraft seemed to satisfy his tech appetite for now. I hope it stays that way a while.


When Mom got home she brought me some presents. She picked up two brass unicorns at a yard sale and cleaned those up for me. I love unicorns and collect them, so that was nice. She brought a cup with "For My Mom" on it for Alex to give me. It has a teddy bear in it. She also brought me a little heart shaped ceramic ring box. I am so lucky to have a Mom who thinks of me. I may take some pictures of these gifts to post here.


I fixed Alex leftovers for supper and ate a Lean Cuisine dinner myself.


Alex has a long weekend because Monday is a teacher’s workday. I wish we could do something like we did yesterday again, but I better manage the money that is left for the month. We have plenty we can do for entertainment here at home. He has to watch Les Miserables over the weekend for his French class. I may watch it too. I do not even watch many movies on television and Mom has a really nice set. Something about television has bothered me ever since my first breakdown. I did not like it as much as books before then, but since I really have no use for it at all. Makes me a rare individual these days… but I love computers. I control what I see on the computer, but the lack of control on TV is uncomfortable for me. Tivo would not make it better either. Mass media has a lesser hold on my life because of my aversion. If I ever have my own place I doubt I will use a television for anything but DVD’s and even then rarely.


MSN has crashed again on me several times today. Aggravating program, but I like the MSN browser so much better than Internet Explorer and all my bookmarks, which are legion, are on MSN. I guess sometimes you have to put up with small glitches to get other advantages. Seems it often works that way in life.


I am going to post a bit more of my novel in a separate entry. The first part is down several entries. I hope you will read it.


I think that is all for now.



Jo Ann

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