My day so far…

I went to bed at 2:00AM and woke up at 8:54AM when mother called me. I wanted to stay in bed until the alarm went off at 9:00AM, but Mom persuaded me to get up. I ate some of the bread that was leftover from Outback the other night. I packed up a cooler with Diet Cokes and put The Road To Reality by Roger Penrose in my book bag so that I had something to read while waiting on my appointments. I left the house about 9:30AM and stopped at a gas station to fill my car. That took almost $21.00 because the gas is now $1.89 a gallon. Bush economics! I protest!


I drove on the Atlanta Speedway at racing speed. Made the thirty-five mile trip in about thirty-five minutes even with heavy traffic at some points. I signed in to see my counselor and psychiatrist and sat down to read the new book. I was a little surprised it is so enjoyable, physics interests me a great deal, but I am not much for mathematics, but the author makes it palatable. I may even learn something with his supportive attitude. That would be a plus.


My counselor and I did a lot of work today. I will attempt to denote some of it here though I am not sure how it will show up on the page. She made tables and I told her what should go in each category. This was hard work. I attempted to import our charts here but I cannot get it to work.


That was our session and it was very intense. I am glad I had some time  to sit in the waiting room before seeing my doctor. He said that I was doing fine, not to worry about my lack of dexterity that it would improve. Then he told me to try to relax and have some fun. This has been his consistent advice for many years. In my experience fun often entails expense, so I do not get a great deal of it.


I came home and as I got out of the car mother told me that my nemesis was coming to visit. I did not want to leave so I shut myself in my room and turned the music up loud enough to block out their voices. I have been here over three hours now and I think she should leave so I can have lunch, but seems she is going to stay all damn afternoon. I am feeling angry, abused, put upon, and overall hungry. This shit is so unfair that I am a prisoner in my own home because of her disregard for me and rudeness. I need some food. It is after 5:00 and I have not had an opportunity to have lunch. This sucks. I may have to go out of here and I am not sure what will happen. I would prefer to ignore her, but she is so inconsiderate she may say something to me. WTF???


Well, that is all I have for now.



Jo Ann

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