Thinking about this Today…

This is on my mind for some reason today. What happened on September 11, 2001, still haunts me.


One September Morning


One September morning

The entire world awoke

With no inkling or forewarning

Cherished dreams would die in smoke.


Another Tuesday

Like so many others…

No one apprehended that day

Would affect so many mothers.


One September morning

Terrorists tried to destroy

Our country without warning,

However, it did not work, their ploy.


Another Tuesday

That will live forever;

The bravery and sorrow of the day,

We will not forget, not ever.


One September morning

Love reached out calling

Even as we all began mourning,

Our nation was not falling.


Another Tuesday

When God was in control

Although throughout that dark day

The catastrophe tried every soul.


One September morning

Remembered by history;

A brilliantly promising morning

In a place proud and free.


Another Tuesday

When America found unity…

No matter what people might say,

We still have our liberty.


One September morning

When the whole world did cry

With new respect aborning

For the noble flag, we yet fly…


Jo Ann Joyce Anita Jordan

© September 8, 2002

  1. #1 by melissa on March 18, 2005 - 1:59 pm

    Yep…I think everyone will remember the exact place they were and what they were doing when they heard that news ….V sad indeed.

  2. #2 by Stephen on March 18, 2005 - 2:15 pm

    Jo Ann -Very well expressed, thank you for sharing that!Stephen

  3. #3 by Jo Ann on March 18, 2005 - 2:30 pm

    I was not sure about posting it because when I was in a critique group it made some people attack me personally, but I think it is a very apt poem about that day.Thank you Stephen I am glad you appreciated it.FBC, I will never forget. I was at my church and no one was in the room where we usually met. I went looking for everyone and found everyone in the sanctuary praying. Someone told me what had happened and I was totally shocked and overcome with sadness and dread. I had not had any news on all day so I did not know what had happened until moments after the first explosion.It still makes me cry to think about it.Always,Jo Ann

  4. #4 by Reeking Havoc's Lair on March 18, 2005 - 7:01 pm

    I was in a geriatric psych facility with patients and staff in a little room where the TV was kept. We saw the second plane hit. I spent the day leading group sessions and talking on the phone, the usual things…would check the TV from time to time…knew the instant that second plane hit that things in this country would forever be different…

  5. #5 by Jo Ann on March 18, 2005 - 7:47 pm

    RH, It took me almost a year to get to the point I could write about that day. Then this poem was read by my pastor to the congregation on the special anniversary service. I was deeply moved by that gesture.I think that September 11, 2001 was the most significant moment in America\’s recent history.It did change us forever.Always,Jo Ann

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