I was trying to think of where my haiku were hidden and finally found some in a notebook. I think the others must have been on Alex’s computer when we formatted the hard-drive. I went to bed at 3:30AM and woke up when Mom called me at 11:30AM. She wanted to go to town, so we went out despite my upset stomach. I feel really nauseous today, just took Pepto to try and calm everything down.


I am posting haiku partially because I love the form and partially on account of Loach’s suggestion:


Rain water pours down

Like my strong desperation

Causing growing pains.


April here again

The time I long called love

But shadows now blight.


Sun rises, shadows

Fall to ground graying darkness

But the light conquers.


Confidence I need

So I can stand strong once more

But my faith narrows.


Did you really know

Who you held tightly in arms

Before you said bye?


©April 24, 1997


The trees are bare now

Like the circle of my arms,

Winter continues.


Bright days are coming

When beautiful flowers bloom

Spring-time beckons us.


Limbs like skeletons

Reach toward the clear blue sky

Winter is waning.


The cold is biting

Like old memories hidden

Yet not forgotten.


Anger burns like fire

Eating at one’s inner parts

Until the harm mends.


Sons grow fast as grass

Surpassing our daily dreams,

Finally leaving.


Old age is not kind

Leaving one brittle, broken,

Winter wasted trees.


Dawn breaks upon us

Awakening out senses,

Soft roses open.


When we are happy

Sunlight streams bright over us

We know Spring will come.


©March 8, 2002


Dreaming once again

Days when warmth finally comes

Spring rains down on us.


Rising from the grave

Of dreary Winter dark days

Spring beckons flowers.


On Easter morning

The Savior new arisen

Wakes His creation.


©April 15, 2003


Smiles light the sweet eyes

Of our much blessed children

Sun lit blossoms bloom.


Gray skies like Winter

Still hold windy mighty sway

Trees like us then bend.


©March 19, 2005

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


I am sure there are more of these around here. I will keep an eye out for them when I am puttering around. I think Alex has floppies with all my content that was on his computer so I may reload them onto his computer and transfer them to CD so my computer can read them. I do not have a floppy drive which is unfortunate sometimes.


I found these in my notebook too:


Spring Arrives


The cold gray of Winter

Fades gradually away

Blue taking over the canopy

Green surging forth

In places where bleak skeletal

Branches only recent were seen.


All life seems to cry

Come out join the festival

Death is only a season

Be revived in joy

Awaken and arise

Blush and welcome surprise.


©April 24,1997

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan




Carry the glow

Of light within

You even when

The world sore forsakes

All your hopes and dreams.


Let it nourish you

And those who round you

Are sinking into

Deep waters of despair

You will have well done.


Upon your life

Sweet grace and love

Will then abound

And you live to see

The victory no test can confound.


©April 23, 1997

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


I thank Loach for encouraging me to find the haiku and so discover these forgotten poems. Pretty cool for me.


Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!



Jo Ann

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