More Problems With MSN…

MSN sucks! I was trying to navigate on my page and the program crashed for the third time today. I love MSN, but tell me again why I pay for this service. Why?


I got in again, but darn it, it makes me so mad. It is the only program that crashes on my computer.


Mmm… found this and thought it would make a good post:


Part of Yahweh


I exist before the dawn

Of time in early morning

A flame burning white hot

Inside the heart of me.

I live unhampered

Among the cascading hours

Free to reach out

Touching the power of existing.

I die a little more

Every single evening

Edging closer to what

Will be the earthen end of me.

I am more than just

This fragile body

That houses the heart

And soul for the voyage.

I continue further

Than these hurried moments

With definition that

Overcomes this life.

I am one of God’s

Own beloved children,

That fact alone endows

Everything as belonging to me.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Not that I own everything, but that I have everything, in case there is misunderstanding.


JNuts has posted things about pets on his site Passing Open Windows and I wanted to share this poem with you:




To them who can not

Talk we should be quite

Attentive for they

Speak loud enough in

Silent voices to

Reach the depths of

Our kindred hearts if

We only allow them.

Much we can easy

Learn from their gestures

Of love and loyalty,

For they express these

Qualities in their

Small humble actions.

Rubbing fur against

Our skin and gently

Licking our soft hands,

Walking along with

Us to the very

Ends of our frontiers.

They continually

Remind us that we

Are not ever alone,

Because they are always

Our loving friends.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan 


I think I will post a note about BlogShares next. Any one who wants my advice tune in. It will take a little time to get the information together, but I think it will be good.



Jo Ann

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