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Went to bed at 3:30AM and got up at 7:15AM when Mom called me. I evidently did not set the clock last night. Alex boarded the bus and I promptly returned to the house. I logged onto the computer and started working with BlogShares.


I received a notice that I am to fill out for eligibility to serve in the United States District Court Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division. I hope I do not have to do this anytime soon. I am not enamored of sitting in a courtroom for hours.


I went on a deep search and found my resume again, thought I would post it here. Maybe someone knows somewhere I might find employment… not fast food, but somewhere where stress is not too high.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Whitesburg, Georgia





Caregiver, Homemaker, Mother, Writer, Artist

Whitesburg, Georgia

During these years I have had many duties in the home and outside it. I am called on to do a great deal of driving. I have attempted to diversify my talents as a writer and an artist. I have had several assignments in photography and graphic design. I give daily care to my 75 year old mother who has Parkinson’s Disease and assorted other health issues. I have also volunteered in the local public library and in the public school system.



Homemaker, Mother, Writer, Artist

Kennesaw, Georgia

During this time I had full duties in the home and volunteered in the school system about 600 hours. I also worked as a photographer and in graphic design. Did a great deal of writing and artwork.



Homemaker, Mother, Writer, Artist

Whitesburg, Georgia

During these years I worked in the home, volunteered over 4,500 hours in the public school system, and worked on developing my talents as a writer and artist. I did some photography on a volunteer basis as well.

Awards: Volunteer of the Year in South Douglas Elementary School.



Homemaker, Mother, Writer, Artist, Small Business Owner

Mableton, Georgia

I worked in the home, home-schooled my son for a year, volunteered over 200 hours in the public school system, and worked on developing my skills as a writer and artist. I owned a small publishing business for two years and worked as an editor, publisher, photographer, and writer for my home-based  small magazine. I also did a small amount of photography in a commercial related field.



EMRO Marketing Company, Homemaker, Mother, Writer, Artist

Mableton, Georgia

Operations Manager: Promote customer relations and increase sales, new-hire screening, selection, processing; scheduling, training, payroll, discipline, termination, book-keeping, cash and inventory control, banking, maintenance, sanitation, cooking, purchasing, advertising and more. Maintain exceptional inventory/cash control and excellent corporate inspections in this location.

Awards: Outstanding Service, Management Training, Charity Collections. Maintained home and did quite a lot of work on developing my skills in writing and art. Very involved in son’s education mostly at home.



Homemaker, Mother, Writer, Artist

Chattanooga, Tennessee

During these years I worked full-time as a home-maker and mother. I did some  work developing my writing, photography, and artistic skills.


I think that goes back far enough there are more public employment positions as I go further back, but this gives a good overview of what I have done in the last fifteen years. Unfortunately my illness has had a lot of bearing on my work history. There were periods during these years when I was barely functional at all.


After all that I need a typing break so here are a few poems:


Friend of Great Places


Writing is the friend

I share my deepest secrets

With on lonely days..

I can not help but

Open up my heart and mind

To let words flow free.

Writing is the place

I go when I need to know

Myself much better.

The lessons I learn

Teach me to become closer

To the self I hide.

Writing is the great

Escape from every day that

Full engages me.

Then it surely draws

Me back to my reality

So revealing me.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

September 29, 2002




Drink in quiet

solitary ingenuity

individual light rhythm

bound between cool skin

beneath summer storm.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

October 3, 2003


God’s Ways


His ways lead me

Beyond myself

Toward His higher

Purpose for the life

With which He gifted me.


I find Him in

The quiet when

I reach beyond

The troubles of

My everyday.


He holds me

In the safety

Of His capable

And loving hands;

In Him I can stand.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



Well that is all for right now. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!



Jo Ann

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