Happy Friday!

Hi there all! Hope everyone is doing fine this afternoon. I have been doing some heavy trading on BlogShares today. Here is a snapshot of what my portfolio looks like currently:







User Since *

17:16 12 Mar 2005

Last Login

05:55 25 Mar 2005


Unranked (overall standing)

(15,021,914.88% growth in net worth this month)









Last Transaction

10:27 25 Mar 2005


Portfolio (with current balance)

Home Page

Chronicles Life and Complexities

Cash Balance


Total Portfolio

B$29,340,215.99 in 34 blogs

Total Market Orders


Total Ideas Commodities

B$29,598,795.00 (4500 in 1 industries)

Total Worth



Ideas Trading History or Ideas Totals


I like the way it is going right now I have several stocks on my buy list at present.


I went to bed at 1:30AM and went to sleep with my lights on. That was my first mistake of the day. I got up at 7:00AM and have been up ever since. I guess that is a good thing. I think I am going to take a break from the computer and eat lunch… but, I believe I will post a poem first.


Life Goes On and Love Must Survive


 Even though we may have experienced

The pain that results from senseless hate

Seen the carnage that unreasoning fear

Can cause through human savagery;


We must somehow find the strength.

The courage to continue our lives

Finding some dignity in the portion

Of our destiny which lives in memory.


If we cannot face our past

Manage to mingle it into our present

As a seasoning ordeal;

We have profited nothing from life.


Somewhere within our hearts

We must discover the reality

That all things are a part of life,

Though some may be cruel.


We must also realize

That often even pain and brutality

Cause not only strong hate,

But must force love to survive.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


I think I will eat and then go outside a few minutes it is beautiful in Whitesburg, Georgia today…



Jo Ann



  1. #1 by Mike on March 25, 2005 - 4:01 pm

    Hi Jo Ann,It\’s been a strange week in blog land indeed. The good news is I became a B$ billionaire today. Granted it was because I sold some chips, but it was neat to see an extra comma in my net worth. I\’m hooked (just what I needed was another time waster though). Sorry if you didn\’t like my pictures, not meant to offend – there were just some folks that needed to start taking things a little less seriously on Spaces and I was one of \’em…

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on March 25, 2005 - 6:30 pm

    I did not mind your pictures, I thought they were cute.Smiles,Jo Ann

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