Busy Day Ahead

I should hit 4,000 page views in my statistics today if traffic is normal. I went to be at 1:30AM and woke up at 7:00AM this morning. I have to go to town in a few minutes. We have some business to attend to today. I do not know how long that will take.


I have a couple of things to add to the blog today. First a piece of journaling and then a short poem.


Day 1: Say “AHHH”


Journal Prompts and My Responses


Write a list of your fears and anxieties (worst-case scenarios) that might come up over the next 40 days. Include all obstacles you anticipate that might bring you down or stand in your way…


I might not follow through with the activities and journaling every day.

This might be more of a commitment than I can handle right now.

I might have extensive financial difficulties in the coming days, which would increase my stress levels inordinately.

Mother is not doing well and may require more of my time than usual.

I want to continue my avid and voracious reading and that may be impossible while completing these additional activities.

Leigh may require my assistance due to resuming some of her work in Systems and Applied Solutions Corporation. These duties would impinge on my time for inessential activities.

I may have difficulties with the computer and have to write by hand.

I sometimes lack dedication and motivation.

It is easier to resist change than enact change.

My attention can wander when I embark on a path and I often become sidetracked.


List the positive inklings and “good feelings” you have about what you are doing…


I am excited by the idea of increasing my use of intuition.

I like using my imagination and doing creative things.

I think writing on the computer will be a good experience that will help me when I work on my poetry and blog.

I feel that new opportunities and possibilities are just around the corner, rapidly approaching in the coming days.

I am very happy with my acquisitions and my accommodations at this time.

This is a great time to begin something new… the present is the only time in which things may be done.

God is with me as I discover my essential self and my spirituality.

And we know all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. – Romans 8:28

I am trying to work toward a daytime lifestyle and think this will help with it.

If I can successfully incorporate journaling into my life for 40 days perhaps I will continue it indefinitely and that might aid my writing over time.

This work should give me some interesting insights that might be useful in articles and such.

Introspective work like this can be therapeutically beneficial.

These 40 days and 40 nights might teach me to respect myself more, trust myself, and be my own best friend.

I can let go of my fears one moment at a time for each day.


Moodlings… On The Simple Abundance Companion


Some promises I have made to myself and not kept:

To exercise regularly

To eat a balanced diet

To control my spending

To write daily or at least often

To work artistically often

To let go of past relationships

To stop procrastinating

Some promises I can reward myself with:

To treat myself with love

To have joy

To make contact with someone dear to me weekly

To be flexible about scheduling my time

To get outside for a while daily – even a few minutes is great

Promises I have made to others and kept at the cost of my own desires:

To be available to mother at all times

To return calls when there were other things I wanted to do

To overextend myself financially when I wanted to leave something off

To allow use of my things when I really rather not

To go out when I am tired and overwrought

To leave my schedule open when I had things I wanted to pursue

Promises above that I am proud of:

Being available to Mom

Sharing my things

Promises I should not have made:

To spend when I could not afford it

To leave my schedule open when I had things I wanted to pursue

A personal promise I especially want to keep:

To write daily or at least often – I can begin today and follow through continually

Excavating my buried dream by thinking about dreams I have had and abandoned and determining the cause of their demise:

To be a model – relinquishment

To be a published writer – good intentions

To go to college – wrong choices

To have a successful marriage – rejections, wrong choices, bungled efforts

To run my own business – bad timing

To find my ideal work and make a good living – bitter failure

A dream I did bring into the world:

Raising a reasonably happy child

– I refused to give up even in adversity

– I expended a great deal of love

– I was accepting and understanding

– I had faith in my child and myself

Learning to use a computer

– I worked until I could have a computer despite others telling me that I did not need to buy one

– I kept trying even when I made mistakes

– I bought proper tools

– I took time to learn


I use it to determine when to contact those I love

I sometimes know when things are going wrong

I sometimes know when someone is going to phone me

I have sensed something bad was going to happen just before catastrophic events or accidents in the past

Right now seems to be a time of growth:

I have the feeling it is the right time to expand my personal horizons

Opportunities are opening up for me

I want to write more and be more creative – I found materials and workshops to accommodate my desires

An opportunity passed me by:

When I did not continue contact with Vocational Rehab and so did not enroll in college a while ago


The poem follows…


Careless Caress


A careless caress calms

The lonely emotion

Of a precious person

Whose life feels shallow,

Hollow, without moment.

A careless caress quells

Fears and tears that trickle

Down into dismal frowns;

And sprinkles the day

With jubilant exuberance.

A careless caress invites

Harried people to stop,

Be cordial to one another

Caught in a present

Fraught with abundance.

A careless caress causes

Mischief and evokes pleasure

Among friends who consider

Themselves too close, too

Ideal, to fall in love.


Jo Ann Joyce Anita Jordan

© September 22, 2002


Got to go now.



Jo Ann

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