A Little on My Hectic Friday…

The last entry is the only recent photo I possess of the man and it is borrowed from his corporate web site. That is his new truck and probably bought with funds I helped achieve. So now you can put a face with all my talk of him. That picture may not stay up long because of who it is and where it originally was published.


I visited all the sites on my first blog list this evening and on some I left lots of comments. I am in a verbose mood tonight and was ready to share some more things about myself.


Alex is doing his final first cut of edits on his novel and that thing is already 182 pages. I am to be given it next, fun, fun, editing for publication again. If it goes to press at least I get some small credit for being part of this process. What other sixteen year old have you heard of who actually finishes his first novel? What I read was very good, as it spat out of my printer. He will flesh it out to around 300 manuscript pages before all the editing is complete. I am very proud of him for following through with all the work this entailed. The iPAC was a big part of the process because most of the book was written on this hand held. I don’t understand how he could use such a small keyboard for such a task, but it worked miracles on his writing every single day. I love the little machine even though I rarely get to look at it. It is his most territorial possession. Mostly he says, "mine Mom".


Well, guess I better go for now. I do not have much left to say, and tomorrow is not a usual day. I have to go out to see my psychiatrist early. Cannot stay up too late, plus I was rudely awakened at 7:00AM and not allowed to rest any more all day after being up until 3:00AM. Not my kind of day at all, started bad and only just got better. Mom was my own personal tyrant today. I give it to her, she plays the role better than anyone I know except my older brother who is even worse.



Jo Ann

  1. #1 by Kenny on April 2, 2005 - 4:09 am

    Firstly I\’m totally flattered that you bothered to add mine, thanks so muchYour space is on my list for agood reason, becoz I can relate to what you write about & it\’s always intriguing.I\’m willing to bet your son had the rare gift of being able to put thoughts into words instilled from his momma. If he is anything like you he should do okay. As for sleep…"Who Needs Sleep Anyway ?" .. (joking of course -for example, refer: Sweetest Disaster\’s blog by the same name) …hope you catch up with yourself soon. As for you..just smile…I\’m watching you tooKenny

  2. #2 by SillyCrystalD on April 2, 2005 - 4:10 am

    hey there! hope you have a great day! thanks for stopping by my blog:D

  3. #3 by Wesley on April 2, 2005 - 4:49 am

    Hey JoAnn,First, is your admin account visible in the user account section? If so you should simply be able to create a second admin account, log out of the current one and into the new one, then change the current (old) one to limited. Then log out and back into your original account which is now limited.If your admin account is not visible I assume it\’s the \’special\’ hidden Windows XP admin account. If that\’s the case, I would have thought you could simply backup all your work files, move them to a safe folder C:\\Backup and then create a new limited user account to log into.Feel free to add me to your MSN to discuss this.Wesbloodysadist (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. #4 by Jo Ann on April 2, 2005 - 8:46 am

    Hi Kenny, I like your space and it is linked to mine so it had a priority on being added. I am glad you relate to what I say and that you find it intriguing. I never talked down to Alex and he has a very wide vocabulary. He used to read voraciously. I taught him to write and how important it is to put your meaning into words, he is very gifted verbally. His expression is uniquely his own. He talks more like a graduate student than a sixteen year old and has a wide range of interests. He loves writing and is dedicated to what he starts… he has always had adult things around him. He read Gone With The Wind as a homeschool project in third grade. He is a lot like me without all the problems so far. Very sharp and articulate person, who thinks deeply. I need sleep although it is overrated. I had a little last night and feel amazingly refreshed this morning. I am trying to catch up with myself currently… Thanks for watching, I will try to do some tricks soon…Smiling… Always,Jo Ann

  5. #5 by Jo Ann on April 2, 2005 - 8:48 am

    Hi Crystal,Only sorry I could not get to your blog sooner. I am having a great day so far, got my shower and am dressed in a cute new outfit. Least I think it is cute… may get a picture later. The skirt is a different style for me.Smiles,Jo Ann

  6. #6 by Jo Ann on April 2, 2005 - 8:55 am

    Hi Wes,I may very well get in contact with you on messenger about all this account stuff. Especially since I plan to buy some new software soon. Maybe today… I want the new PhotoShop and PageMaker to finish out my publishing suite… Little pricey though, we will see what happens. I also have decided I definitely want to keep OneNote, I love the ease of use, and Norton\’s new SystemWorks 2005 looks interesting. I love software, especially the special stuff for all the applications I love using computers to do.I want to help Alex get his XBox Live set up too, and I have no idea how to link it to our network… plus the new XBox is not too far out on the horizon.I am very verbose again today. No telling what secrets I may reveal today.Smiles,Jo Ann

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