Next… Moving Along Into Saturday!

Well, this should be an interesting day. I went to bed at 1:30AM and woke up at 6:15AM without any prompting by anyone. I tried to go back to sleep, but I am up because I could not go back. I guess I am going to get a shower and start getting ready for the day after I make this entry. I never expected to wake up so early. I hope the new alarm clock goes off today. I tried to set it again last night.


The next journal prompt from the series I worked on.


Day 3: Soft Eyes


Journal Prompts and My Responses


What would you do if you had more free time?




Complete craft projects






What important activities, chores, trips, or creations have you been putting on hold?


Developing my self-esteem and self-confidence

Going to college


Painting on canvas

Making crafts

Writing a novel

Getting a new car


Do you think you will ever get around to doing these things?


Maybe, it depends on money as well as time. I am financially oppressed so doing things is difficult. I am working toward accomplishing these things.


List the wild or forbidden activities that call to you – from swimming naked to jumping out of airplanes, to eating all the chocolate you crave.


Sky diving

Parachute skiing

Teaching a class

Public speaking

Shooting at a pistol range

Going to concerts



Moodlings… On The Simple Abundance Companion


Some unlikely sources of inspiration and what in particular touched me:


  1. Watching a puppy play in total freedom and abandonment
  2. Reading odd articles on the internet which made me think
  3. My hallucinations and delusions left me with some very wild ideas
  4. Staring into a candle flame brought thoughts to the surface


I recognize gratitude in others through smiles, endearing touches, and such


I incorporate these signals of gratitude into my own life


A gift continuum – from the most frivolous of purchases, to the more practical, to the intangible – all things I wish I had:


  1. A house of my own
  2. Anew car
  3. A few new ink pens from Levenger
  4. An Alaskan Malamute or a Weimaraner 
  5. A Bose bookshelf stereo with multi-cd-changer
  6. A refillable portfolio from
  7. A class ring to replace the one that disappeared
  8. A color laser printer that can print digest sized pages
  9. A Nikon digital SLR camera
  10. Subscription to GRANTA
  11. Subscription to Publisher’s Weekly
  12. Subscription to The New York Review of Books
  13. Subscription to
  14. Yearly vacations
  15. College tuition for Alex
  16. An easel
  17. College tuition
  18. Money to pay off debts
  19. A closet organizer
  20. Canvas
  21. Picture frames
  22. A career
  23. Self-esteem
  24. Self-confidence
  25. Unwavering faith
  26. Remission without medication
  27. Clarity of vision
  28. Memory improvement
  29. Patience
  30. Understanding
  31. Possibly a makeover for my room
  32. A definite makeover for myself
  33. Enough money to publish Alex’s first book through Original Creations Publishing Corporation
  34. Some new scented candles
  35. Lots of new programming for this computer



Five things for which I am grateful today:


  1. Mom ironed some clothes for me
  2. I found some interesting books on the new arrivals stack last time I went to the library
  3. I woke up early this morning
  4. I found space in my room for the mugs I bought a few days ago
  5. My room is homey


That is all for that entry. These are very revealing entries, because they voice some private thoughts I rarely express even with myself. The list of gifts could continue for a while. By the way, I may start this journal process again, it came from a very good book I picked up at Borders one afternoon in late 2004. Most of these entries are from last November. It was my first trial at daily journaling for a long time.


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. I am going for that shower really soon. I have new clothes I bought during the week to wear today. The Target trip was very productive, even got some dress pants.



Jo Ann

  1. #1 by barbara on April 2, 2005 - 2:26 pm

    If its a spring day, really nice out and promising to be even better, then getting up early is a bonus to your weekend. I liked your long list of things you would like to do and especially those \’forbbiden activities\’! That is what I finally allowed myself to do. I went \’skinny dipping\’ in the North Sea, I bicycled through Vienna, Prague, Munich and Berlin. I made love in Paris. I sipped wine on the Isle of Capri. At some time in one\’s life it is time to open yourself to the dangers of pure enjoyment. I hope you find that time within your life.Enjoy your weekendBarbie

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on April 2, 2005 - 9:42 pm

    Nice comment Barbie, my day was not quite that exciting, but explored around town today. Out with Alex which is always a blast, except all three of us had to fit in the Ranger today and Alex is six feet tall with long legs and growing bigger. Some tight squeezes.Hope you enjoyed your day as well.Smiles,Jo Ann

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