Outdoors and People…

Blustery Spring day with lots of wind for our excursion today… jacket weather, but I still wore a skirt. Ate lunch at Longhorn. Steak was a little different than what I ordered, but everything else was very nice. Went to the far off realm of Town Center Mall in Cobb County, lots of traffic today… people everywhere, laughing, talking, very good times… Story is getting better will post a teaser sometime soon. Talk of moving closer to Atlanta, more life there. Happier people, not the Wal-Mart crowd in that environment. Spent major bucks today… geek stuff… Like the newest version of PageMaker. The online version of the Matrix game. New books, poetry and inspiration. Will be posting bits and pieces soon. Talked about blogging and starting some new endeavors… got a little lost. We do not go that far away often. Media Play, Comp USA, started to Dick Blick, but thought better of that idea. I still need an easel and canvas. New hardware pricing, discussion of Sun Workstations… looked at the newest PhotoShop. Was in major heaven today.


The pope died… sorry for the Catholics. Lots of new stuff on the horizon, maybe, in that sector of the population.


Sunny with lots of clouds, overall beautiful day. Everybody out and about. Lots of money changing hands. New clothes all around on bodies we met. Gotta love people, some are so beautiful and interesting. Saved new cars for later in the week. Talk of more space and new gadgets. Saw some neat computer hybrids out there, phones with software… Very happening, very now.


Alex got some new movies… actually they are DVD’s, one is Desperado and something Japanese… he likes swords and martial arts. Action and adventure movies are big on his list. I think he may have gotten something for Xbox today. We looked all around the stores. Had two buggies of stuff. Mom even got a new stuffed animal and I of course had to have one too. Cute. Looked at new digital cameras. Said we would wait a while on that, I have great analog equipment.


Lots of discussion of new ideas… working media into things. The next week should be interesting. Alex has a bit of wanderlust. Maybe some day trips, of course the Mountz side of the family wants to see him over break. Maybe Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday he will be gone to seek funding for the book and other expensive things like part of the new monitor. Talk of finally getting a press pass for me… I have the equipment and some skills, just have to prove myself. Getting a full business license for Original Creations again… Truly good day after all the confusion lately. The logo and other things are all in place. New stationary, business cards, hype… a little buzz. Things look very positive now.


Hope all of you had a good day!


I posted pictures of the sandals and will post more stuff later. If I can get Alex to neaten his space I will add a picture of his environment. Off to other places in blog land. Talked about some of the cool people online I know. Lots of interest in MCP, JNuts, FBC, Reeking Havoc, and all the rest… the space thing has comments here and wishes and gotta haves. Almost got a new wireless keyboard and mouse today. Did not go to the right store for Wacom tablets. Maybe more excursions tomorrow.


Love my life right now. Excited about the preparation for the book.


Too much to do…



Jo Ann

  1. #1 by Michelle on April 2, 2005 - 9:30 pm

    I like those sandals.Very pretty!I love your space. I will be coming back to explore more. I\’ve been seeing you on Stephen\’s space when I comment. I just wanted to say hi!-M.

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on April 2, 2005 - 9:38 pm

    Thanks, alabamagal… the sandals got lots of comments today. They are by Ann Marino. Not sure they are still out, but they are my best dress shoes right now. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kudos. Welcome! Any friend of Stephen\’s is a friend of mine. Lots of stuff going on over here right now.Spring Break!Smiles,Jo Ann

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