Have You Been Missing My Second Entry, I Have?

Well, I have made a lot of progress on BlogShares tonight. I had some time to waste. I also responded to a request for information on one of the personal sites I am still a member of at present. I hope that endeavor goes well. I am not actively into searching, but did notice a few compatible profiles on that site. One asked for a reasonably normal female. I wonder if I fit that category. Any takers out there am I reasonably normal, or no.


I did a little surfing tonight and found a couple of new sites that piqued my interest. One is QuackTrack.com. Which is a search site devoted to blogs. My reminiscences top the charts in several categories. It was also nice to see that this site is at the top of one or two Google searches. I was checking to see how quickly someone could find me by using the email address, it is not to hard in my case. I am not sure whether this is good or not. Even HopefulJo is traceable to this weblog. That is my user name in a lot of places since 1991. Should be interesting what comes of all the accessibility.


I slept to long today. I am still wired for speed right now and bed time is only an hour away. I did get the full version of OneNote today, and it looks like I got a duplicate order which I cannot use. Is anyone interested in buying the program? I would rather receive a payment than go through the hassle of a online return. I have found that I really like this program more than Word for blogging. It lays on top of everything in a small window that is perfect for adding links and the filing system is more intuitive than Word. If anyone is interested just leave an email in the comments area. I actually have three copies still in the shrink wrap and that hard to remove plastic cover.


A selection from Rumi found in Rumi Hidden Music translated by Maryam Mafi & Azima Melita Kolin on page 141. This translates to my concept of the blogosphere:

Never linger too long with the ignorant,

throw stones at their talk.

Walk only with the lovers,

the mirror of the soul gets rusty when

dipped in muddy water.


I liked that very much and the pictures in this book are gorgeous, much like I would like for my book to appear if I ever get one published.


Here is my selection of poetry by myself for today, I reserve the right to add more though. That after all is one of the prerogatives every blogger has to themselves:




Being alone, so very lonely

So afraid of its lasting forever

When all I want is someone

To love, to cherish always.


Yet, being alone clarifies

The feelings spotlighting

Imperfections in my plans

Clearing up my reasoning.


Maybe it is finally time

For me to grow independent

Without anyone to hold to

So that I am true to myself.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

April 24, 1997


I have noticed that this period of time is most conducive for my writing because I have more collected poems during March and April than any other time. I may try to focus on that in coming weeks a little more.


I finally overdrew my checking account really badly. I am still not sure how to remedy that problem. I think setting up a sellers account on Amazon was a very good idea in my present circumstances. Maybe I can sell some of what I currently own to keep up with the debt. I am thinking of Ebay as well, but don’t quite understand that process. There is a lot I cannot part with right now, but there a few recent purchases I could part with still.


I copied a quote I found very interesting to paste here:


God’s provisions are strategically located along the path of your obedience.

C. Elijah Bronner


Here is a further selection of my own poetry:


Our Selves – A Part



All that mattered

Our togetherness,

But life is shattering

Fractures happen

Time dissolves

So here we stand

Fine lines etched

Across our faults

Bridge shaken into

Moribund ruins

What mattered

A distant memory

Of longing in loneliness.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

April 29, 1997


That is all I think I can post right now. Thanks for stopping by.



Jo Ann

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