April 6th for Jo Ann


    Friends have a way of sensing your needs right now. Let your pals do something nice for you, especially if you feel overburdened. This is just repayment for all the kindness you’ve given.


    You can literally turn your dreams into reality today. Write down messages from your recent dreams, and create something positive from them in your waking everyday life.


    You may be torn between doing your own thing and mixing with the group. Perhaps the best course of action is to limit your time with friends so you’ll have a period of rest at day’s end.


This may be an interesting day because of several factors I will write about later today. My personal horoscope is above… this one is from a renowned astrologer. I am not following astrology closely, but just a little in spare time.


I will put up a link to daily horoscopes later today for those who are interested.


I added some new sites to my blog list and link list. I also made my blog my home page on the internet. That way I check here before I go somewhere else. All my contact information except personal address of where I am is now available on the start page.


Right now I have got to go to sleep a while. I stayed up all night, and I have a busy day…



Jo Ann

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