Thursday Again…

Day 8: Ask For Guidance



Journal Prompts and My Responses


Whose voice do you love the sound of? Why? How does it affect you?


  • I love the sound of Alex’s voice. I guess this is because he is my son and one of my best friends. His voice makes me feel trusted and gives validation to my life.
  • Jeff has a voice that instantly catches my attention. Mostly his voice makes me smile… it brings me joy to talk with him.
  • Barbara Streisand’s voice is so beautiful. She is my favorite female vocalist. Her voice allows me to believe all things are possible.
  • Robey’s voice is husky and I love to hear him talk. Listening to him makes me feel sexy and happy.
  • I love Mick’s voice. I could listen to that man sing all day. Something about it makes me want to just tune in forever.


Write down a secret you’ve kept a long time. How does it feel to finally spill it out?


One year before we went on vacation I accidentally spilled a drink in my bed. When I returned home, I blamed it on someone coming into my room while we were gone away. I was so afraid of my mother at the time that I could not admit I had done something she had yelled at me about before. I forgot about this for years, but when it came to me, I was sorry that I had lied. I am not going to tell mother even now. I do not need her scolding at this late date. It feels good to write it down though.


Moodlings… On The Simple Abundance Companion


  • A plan of escape is an imaginary mechanism to let off steam from life’s pressure cooker. I can “run away” without actually doing it by:
    • Closing the door to my room and tuning in to some of my music
    • Going out to the mall on my own
    • Reading a great book
    • Painting a picture
    • Going off for a weekend alone at a nice hotel
    • Getting in my car and driving without a destination
    • Taking a walk outdoors
  • Five things for which I am grateful today:

    1. The music I am playing right now
    2. I like my new CD player
    3. I slept well last night
    4. I rearranged some of my nice ink pens today
    5. The music of Secret Garden is very beautiful

I went to bed at 3:30AM and woke up when the alarm went off at 10:00. I have managed to already have two arguments with my mother and the day is just beginning. I refuse to let the bickering get me down. It looks like another nice day outside.


I may go out later to do some things with Mom. I think she would like to go to town. I am not sure yet about that though. I have to get a shower soon and make my bed so the room looks better. Things went well with Alex’s grandfather so he gets to stay with them until tomorrow. I was looking forward to his coming back today, but it is okay anyway. Tomorrow should be fun when he gets home.


Mom really wants me to paint some today so I may do that in between being on here.


I should try to get a few things done now. I will let you go and get back later.



Jo Ann

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