Some Thoughts For Today…

Day 9: Floating Eyes


Journal Prompts and My Responses


What would today look like if everything went “right”?


  • I would have enough money to afford life without debt
  • My mother would be agreeable instead of crotchety
  • My artwork and writing would be worth something monetarily
  • I would not have gotten soaked in the rain
  • I would have my own abode decorated to my tastes
  • I would not have schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder or whatever the hell is wrong with me
  • I would have a devoted partner with whom to snuggle at the end of the day
  • I would weigh 70 pounds less than I do
  • The car in my driveway would be less than 5 years old
  • I would have a dog of my own to be my companion
  • My hair would be colored without my having to mess with it
  • We would have teleportation so that travel was instantaneous
  • My computer would never glitch and my internet connection would be always on like it supposed to be
  • I could really meet some of my favorite celebrities instead of just wishing
  • I would have a good sense of humor instead of this twisted-ness
  • There would be no discrimination and no narrow-mindedness
  • Peace would be possible all over the world
  • No one would die of hunger or sleep outside in the cold because they did not have a place to live
  • No child would be abused or murdered
  • Politicians would keep their ever-loving promises instead of feeding the populace a crock of shit
  • Freedom would be real, not a pipe dream
  • Everyone would experience love and acceptance
  • One person could in reality change the world


It is your last day on planet Earth. What would you like to do?


  • Sleep well the night before and get up before dawn so I could watch the sun rise from a mountain near the ocean
  • Have fresh brewed coffee and diet Coke along with T-bone steak, scrambled eggs, pancakes topped with strawberries and cream, and some melon
  • See all my friends, family, and enemies and tell them all how much they mean to me and that I would always love them
  • Give special gifts to each person
  • Read a little from the Bible and Shakespeare
  • Pray an hour
  • Eat a quick lunch of pizza and salad
  • Go water-skiing for a couple of hours
  • Take a hot shower and dress casually
  • Paint a picture of the sun setting over the water
  • Eat a quiet dinner with Alex and maybe have a drink or three
  • Lay down and fall asleep and never wake up again



Moodlings… On The Simple Abundance Companion


  • Imagine what your favorite heroine would do given your circumstances:
    • Scarlett O’Hara would be happy she had plenty of food
    • She would not be content to sit around waiting for the right man to come into her life… she would go out and grab the first one she saw and be damned his marital status or current involvement
    • She would find some way to make money even if it meant putting herself in a compromising situation
    • She would not be patient with mother when she was complaining
    • She would wear exactly what she wanted and if others did not like it she would tell them to go to hell
    • She would do more and read less
  • Five things for which I am grateful today:
    1. My body does not melt in the rain
    2. My poetry being here beside me
    3. My room being so neat
    4. Hot water
    5. This is going to be a good day 

That is all for now.



Jo Ann

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