Original Creations Now Is Officially Open for Business…

If You or Your Friends and Family intend to do any sizable business with me or my new reopening of the company I would Prefer You Read the following contract that We are at this precise moment entering into with You through Original Creations and through its Online Outlets as there will oneday soon be more. Print this one out for reference and I shall contain more in a specific one with a few more details in it if you should only ask for any more, if you do so. Please leave some contact information if you would like to begin today. I will have more pictures up shortly of products, but I doubt that will happen until some time about noon today. I have to work out some more things about choices of words. Please be aware that I personally and without any assistance from another party alone wrote all the information in the entry I will soon post. If you are not interested in this Company please still read the following in any case. I hope everyone else believes as I do in that this may finally work out.

Business Agreement and Warrantees are herein so Please Read with Utmost Care


Please also store this document for any future reference to us and any provider we  or another party may recommend to you until after this date or our future amended notice as is required by law. It is yours and you must keep this piece of correspondence or a copy of it with our applicable Trademark for it to bind all negotiations on Business done by we or other concerned persons and all business entities. We shall send you a signed and dated copy with Our Logo in it and with all information contained within it when our transaction is completed. It is your evidence that your purchase of your specific items with or through us if it is applicable to us as a SALE item is concerned by and for your services. It also stands you in all applicable transactions concerning your item or services in all concerning YOUR item you RESALE through or buys from our Company and us. As far as we now know all legitimate concerns, inclusions, and exclusions are contained in this completed document or one sent to YOU in all transactions with you including our complete signatures and Company Logo and Our Trademarks affixed. This document shall be Copyright protected in EVENT of all problems and concerns. My Son will have or I the hand completed copy contained in all shipped to or by us for us. Do not ship unless recommended by one of us on Transactions that concern us or our Original Creations Company Online at the current time of product until you receive some written and signed documentation in this form as is sent to you in this document or later with our authorization. This piece of written material should cover you in all, but certain situations. You will need a Second Copy in Your hands to continue with that PURCHASE or SALE as needed by us available at the TIME. You will definitely need the Electronic Copy of this with receipts of your completed Order should you attempt to MAKE any change without OUR Input on YOUR Item’s Situation. I URGE YOU Once Again To Read The Entire Contained Piece of Your Copy With Utmost Care as It Details All Conditions AS Shall To Pertain YOU and US in a Problem or Dispute Over Any Such Transactions as Completed With or By Us with Any Business Contacts, We Provide.


Everything is here and all product items will come in this bubble wrapped box. The accompanying box does have everything for the newest edition listed on either amazon.com or ebay.com. All software will either ship overnight to you from UPS or other comparable carrier at air or ground as soon as necessary. I personally guarantee this price through either name I use associated with this account and item will ship as soon as your item has credited to my business account here on amazon.com or at eBay. This immediately will allow me to purchase more software of comparable usefulness at either place and give the same products listed again on our two current locations.


Soon I expect to have more software available under the same shipping conditions should you be interested in shopping us again. Some items available with small discount or other software purchase until the beginning of May as you may ask for details. Other items are available with less cost involved if you are of the following status: an educator, an author, a writer, or an editor. These prices may continue until I shall need or if I should continue any business with you for my personal or business needs. Some additional benefits also accrue to legal professionals I should do business with in the near future. Including any who are needed in certain areas and certain services. As this is concerned, I will give you the details involved. However, I know it will entail some large funds to lawyers, CPA’s, and intellectual property rights business and personal associates. Some small items may be shipped with the same order as the one involved. This is for shipping rates to you being reduced that will depend on your shipping and delivery method.


I suggest you ship with lower available rates as needed for a longer delivery time to you, as this will decrease my shipping to you saving you money. Additionally you may if you apply longer durations to your item, be able to get lower shipping to you and give you options with completely free shipping as available. The suggestions I make here are all for your benefit at the lowest price we may give you for this weekend only. See all benefits for pricing on future items on new description pages. I will list as I have the exact item. Watch, for I expect the business I am starting to grow very quickly.


As needed all items will come from the currently listed phone number; soon long distance with a toll-free number will become available to you. Exact dates should become available as applicable. I will pass along all details as future listings occur. Please check with me as better ideas come to me very often for your business with me. As I need to do so, I will pass all variables along to you, which I am currently aware of on ads for items listed at either place.


Thank you for all your future business and personally needed items. I soon expect to pass more items at great value to you along. I am starting this new business at this date and time: effective immediately Friday, April 15, 2005 at 6:00PM. After the date and time listed, you may place your order with me under five exact names: Original Creations, Original Creations ONLINE, Jo Ann J. A. Jordan, L. Alexander Mountz (commonly known as Alex) or by HopefulJo which happens to be my online necessary screen name which is used concerning almost all my cyberspace transactions and business deals. All the exact information comes from me at two other places located at Chronicles – Life and Complexities and at

hopefuljo@msn.com. I suggest you look at my blog on MSN if you require any additional personal information about my sixteen-year-old son or me. Both will be working with you on making and getting your items available to you ASAP. I also have to consider the needs of my seventy-five-year old mother with a very severe Parkinson’s disease and other similar health problems. All future items you order by end of this weekend, I should have in your hands by at least the end of next week. This is because of continued needs for business purposes and a funeral at mid-week. This I must provide for with transportation possibly or arranged by myself. I must therefore make available three days next week and it will take a few hours to get the business running properly as far as shipping to you is concerned. I expect to be back and running things as needed here by noon on Thursday, April 21, 2005. I expect to run all associated business from here in my own home until future notice to you or others you may refer to me. This should expedite all things I have listed.


You may have to exercise a little patience with me until or before May 1, 2005. This is because of some unexpected circumstances, which may occur by that date. Please wait until that date to purchase most very large price items for me to arrange suitable assistance with such things. I am currently working on listing several items which I will have available to me by no later than July 2005. These purchases I will list with my assistance to you in any location in the United States as they come available to you at my price, which will include a small finder’s fee for our time involved in each purchase. This will not exceed a limit set by us for our service and a full resale or refund to you should you become dissatisfied with this item in future times and by certain recommended dates.


This includes anything we sell beginning the above listed dates. You do not even have one thing done to have these assurances. I will further see that you will be doing nothing to have these limitations or any exclusion in legal documents as soon as I possibly may do so. Expect these by no later than the end of this calendar year. I do expect this business to grow rapidly if I am able to ascertain that advertising is available and you are satisfied with your purchases because only a small overhead is required at this time. In the beginning of purchasing, a better establishment for both personal and business purposes, there may be a bit more cost associated with all transactions. However, all this will be minimal as associates will provide all worthy expenses or us and we know or trust these sources. There will be limited technical assistance with our software products and some select computers and components available through our business. This should eliminate all your initially needed technical assistance and we may provide at some point upon one phone call to two numbers we will then list as available. One will know minimal things and we may even outsource one additional better option to another business we are aware of currently. All software we shall deliver to you with all associated product details and support available through the product’s manufacturer that is hopefully one of the best available on your software brand. This includes anything we sell under certain terms. You may be therefore be so pleased or displeased with it as your purchase as you may possibly be or you get to utilize and are welcome to our full money back warranty as needed. We also admit your experience is probably the most pleasant you will find anywhere, or you may then utilize any method you feel necessary to get our above stated recommendations. At any point, you may then want to provide your own legal person to help you negotiate with our own team of professionals in case of large purchases of over $1,000,000.00 US funds. Then we need many large and reputable firms with our own businesses.


We may at any time exclude any or add terms listed here at our sole discretion. For now, we are hoping you or your representative or friend with our business in mind may understand all the specifics stated in the current copy of this document at that particular time. Remember there may be some, but not all things, not covered  in this company binding agreement by myself or another such party, so you should probably understand all stated details and ask about those you find may be better than or less desirable than you expect. We may provide additional or ask you to provide your own legal counsel. I warn you at this point to use our products they may be associated with other terms or conditions of litigation. This information is binding to your product in the minutest detail allowed by outside parties to the second and third owner and possibly even the places we recommend to you at your additional expense. Know your rights before or as you misuse or abuse any licensing or associated agreement with your product’s manufacturer or other seller as we may not know all the littlest details in your exact model of such item. These statements may become very important to you in our coming business transactions as we see the need to document further our intention for doing business with you.


Thank you for your time and interest in our business concerns. We will do our best to meet all our commitments to you. We also appreciate your reading this whole and rather lengthy document before doing business with or through our company. I will soon have and then will begin to do a legally binding business under the names stated previously here. Please be aware at the outset of your adventures with us in purchasing and selling items that we may be dealing in selling some quantities of copyrighted or trademarked works that belong specifically to ourselves or some other party you entered into and held legally bound to in advance of sale. I expect to have to say this to you quite often. My words are your bond as far as you can be held accountable or I may as necessary need to transact any business with or in the event of how any sale through my company is done. Please read it at least once before entering into your agreement with me in advance of any monetary exchange. Even if you are finished with purchase I am nor or you legally held to this agreement without you have read the entire document. I advise you also note that all products must be returned to me in or as much the same condition after use as were shipped or delivered to you personally by our representatives or us. This advice also pertains to the same or better packing materials and all documents included in our exchange. You may also be required to obtain a suitable method to send all returns to us. This should be all the documentation you need at this point when doing your business with and through us concerning all known conditions. Any questions are welcome and advised before you commit to us for all the purchasing and acquisitions of legally represented conditions herein stated.


In addition, we have no known liability for any product you now knowledgably purchase through our company or us. All limitations, exclusions and guarantees are now enforceable in some legal capacity for you and we should they be needed including liability for any sales. Including and not limited to transfers to ours from your credit or banking institutions without any exceptions. Furthermore, all transactions with us must conclude with you before our company will ship any needed or desired product to your residence or business. This marks the end of this statement insofar as we can legally at some time hold it binding to you or us. Again, I urge you to commit fully to this agreement before buying or selling any of your products or services by reading it and understanding it to the best of your ability. I am sure you will enjoy your experience with our company if you give us an opportunity to prove who and what we intend to become someday in the near future. Thank you once more for your continuing patience with my son and myself in these trying but exciting financial endeavors. We will always do our best to satisfy your desires as needed by you to our mutual abilities. Please store this document carefully so that you may refer to the whole document in reference to your deals with or through us. We appreciate and expect you to do business with us in the near future for any or all of your desires.                                                        


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan and L. Alexander Mountz


Only  two Georgia Licenses: It is mine until I get the name change currently underway and it is my number I may use forever because I have had it every day as my number since the year I obtained it. Alex’s is also here mostly until he learns drive for identification only, his birthdate being May 16, 1988. My birth date is, as I should probably tell you by now, that is certain, July 14, 1963, and I believe, but may be wrong it was on a Sunday then. I am not, in fact, the type to run away and hide. I will not do this to you, as well, as anyone else I enter into a verbal contract or business deal with ever. I intend to be where I am at least six months to a year if I move into my own home, which I own at that time. I also plan to teach my son who graduates next year in that next home to by home-schooling him. I am informed in proper business etiquette. 

I shall send the signatures and another file as becomes necessary, my license number is currently totally legal for all purposes including an almost brand new Jeep Liberty which I somewhat own by contract. It happens to be a 2004 model with less than 20,000 miles in mostly better condition than when I drove the small SUV off the lot on Saturday just passed.


Again we are also known as Jo Ann and Alex doing business under Original Creations or our ONLINE Outlet with such similar name used at all times.  © Saturday, April 16, 2005 with all rights reserved as all of them may in our interests remain or those of our associates. For only reading this piece of my work you may have my best discount on this first purchase made today or any next week including some reduction on shipping.

Thanks so much and I am sorry I worked very hard all day on this and Alex has already said that it is extremely wordy without my leaving out parts of the contract. I am unsure how to deal with less words in such business events. I appreciate your time you spend with me very much as I know that some of come daily and sometime more often.

My humblest regrets for not containing more personal information of my own, but things are really very busy right now. I am trying to make up with Mom about a question I should not have asked and still attempting to teach Alex how to drive while running a new business is not at all easy on me.

I am still extremely excited about the things that have happened recently and I am also scared to death almost, to put everything on the line for something I may not be able to depend upon. Pray with us as business starts today and maybe everything will go okay.

I am hoping for good sales throughout this weekend or I can kiss most of it all goodbye because I have overextended everything I have for this event current up until today’s date.

Love and Hugs to All of YOU, and a Good Morning to Each One as I am going to bed very soon.

Good Day to Everyone,
Jo Ann

It is currently almost 2:00AM and I rose at 7:00AM yesterday morning. I have been working on all this most of that day and part of this one.

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