The Business Agreement & Warrantee Alex Wrote This Much Better One Than Mine

Business Agreement & Warrantee



It is your responsibility to read this document and any pertaining documents. Failure to do so does not provide exemption from any contents.


A. Documentation


Store this document and any related documents for future reference until amended versions are available. Any copies of this document or any related document are valid if they contain the Original Creations Trademark and the authorized signature of an Original Creations Representative. Any legal documents pertaining to the sale shall be authorized, signed, and dated by an Original Creations Representative for your documentation as proof of the sale. These documents will also stand you in all applicable transactions concerning your sale or services related to the sale. Original Creations will retain an exact copy of this and any related documents.


Any electronic copies of documentation provided by Original Creations or the Customer must be authorized by Original Creations and the Customer to be valid.


B. Original Creations


In this document or any related documentation:


            Original Creations, refers to the Company itself, any related personnel, any business or parties who sell to Original Creations.


Pending amendments, the above definition is the ONLY definition. Therefore, any documents lacking the Original Creations Logo and/or the Signature of a licensed Original Creations Representative are not valid.


C. Sale


This and any related documents will be required throughout the pertaining sale. Failure to provide documentation will result in nullification of the sale. However, should Original Creations have payment for the sale; exceptions shall provide you with the necessary documentation.


  1. General Payment


Any payment rendered for a sale authorized with Original Creations should henceforth be in pertinent accounts before any items regarding the sale will pass to the customer. Most items are reserved for the customer pending authorized payment for a period of at least three (3) days. Agreements made regarding payment between the customer and Original Creations can be done at time of sale. However, if the payment is not in our mutual accounts by the agreed deadline the item involved in the sale will be returned to Original Creations stock so that it can be sold.



  1. Seizure


If at any point a payment becomes invalid for a sale Original Creations reserves the right to seize the items regarded in the sale or demand reimbursement for the sale. Seizures shall be through legal means for the protection of the customer as well as Original Creations.


Original Creations authorizes and documents sales, therefore customers will never be responsible for new payments due to changes in Original Creations pricing.


D. Warrantees


Any warrantees authorized by Original Creations are valid unless:


  • The warrantee(s) are out of date
  • Original Creations has discontinued the warrantee
  • The warranted item is damaged in some way unrelated to the agreed warrantee


E. Support


Original Creations may provide support on software and hardware for computers. This support is subject to the availability of knowledgeable Original Creations personnel or its representatives.


If the customer doubts the support the customer receives from Original Creations, the customer should contact customer support applicable to the software/hardware provided by the manufacturer.


Original Creations is not liable for technical support of any kind rendered by any of its employees or representatives in any circumstance.


F. Illegal Activities


All items sold by Original Creations are legal at the time originally traded. Beyond that period Original Creations is not liable for any illegal activities whatsoever regarding the item as sold to the customer.


Should Original Creations find that a customer is guilty of doing any of the following but not limited too:

  • Pirating any media sold by Original Creations for any purpose
  • Using any item sold by Original Creations for criminal purposes
  • Attempting to reverse engineer or modify any item sold by Original Creations without permission


Original Creations will report the activities to the appropriate authorities and ensure that justice is fully rendered as applicable by law.


EXAMPLES (These are only Examples and are not intended as evidence against Original Creations):

  • A customer purchases an item of programming software and then uses it to hack a business. In response, Original Creations will verify that Original Creations sold the software for evidence purposes, but will not take liability for misconduct under any circumstances.
  • A customer purchases a weapon from Original Creations and then uses it in a murder or in any illegal misconduct Original Creations will take credit for the sale for evidence purposes, but will not take liability for the crime under any circumstances.


The document above is binding for any business conducted through, by, or with Original Creations in the State of Georgia or any other place, as it may be legal under such laws that are pertaining to this document. Original Creations may be expected in all circumstances to abide with such agreement with any business and current amendments as needed.


This is the exact document you will need regarding your business with Original Creations in your sale should you need to refer to it as sent in electronic form on such date as noted below.



Our sincere thanks for this business and any you may do with or send us in the future.


Our Regards,

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan and L. Alexander Mountz






©  Saturday, April 16, 2005

Also known as Jo Ann and Alex, and doing all business related sales and services as Original Creations.

  1. #1 by Unknown on April 18, 2005 - 10:30 pm

    Hello Jo Ann,I hope this all works out for you. It sounds like you could use a few breaks! As to your offer, I would have to create new work for you, since I am contractually bound to a few galleries. If you really think that YOU could make a profit by selling some of my work I would be interested in helping you. I would have to check with my attorney, but I\’m pretty sure that I can work something out. As it stands right now in my life I am pretty financially secure (this sure the hell hasn\’t always been the case!) I\’ve worked hard at being successful, but I have never been very concerned about making money, it just kind of worked out that way (remember that if it is possible to always do what you love, and it will probably work out for you in the long run). So I would be willing to let you sell a small number of my photographs on whatever type of basis you would like. I would create a set number of works (to be agreed upon later), and make them in limited edition printings, with you having access to half of the prints for sale. I would be willing to charge you far less then my standard rates, which should allow you to make a reasonable profit. Of course I would not charge any up front commission for the creation of the works. Also please note that I\’m sorry but I am not willing to make paintings a part of this deal because of the amount of effort that I put into them.I\’m sure we could work the specifics out if you are really interested in pursing this. So if you are serious and you are confident that you will personally profit then contact me via e-mail to let me know how you would want to start out… kauroc [@] gmail.comRegards,Rock

  2. #2 by Unknown on April 19, 2005 - 5:13 pm

    Anybody out there? Jo Ann… Post something else and they will come…Won\’t you everybody? Rock

  3. #3 by Amy on April 19, 2005 - 8:31 pm

    Hi Jo,Just wanted to drop by and make sure everything is going good for you. Keep going hon…sometimes it gets tough but just don\’t give up!

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