Thanks for All Supportive Comments Now…

Dear Kim, Wesley, and Kenny,


I sorely needed to go to bed when I wrote this last night. It probably is too short to explain what I am feeling or why I may still feel a little that way as I had already taken my medicine and was having a difficult time just keeping my eyes open. My last few real blogs which were just about business got little or no comment. Even the more usual of my personal last ones have received few or none and I am inclined to think it is somewhat like I mused to those of you who read this entry.


I need very much to hear from those who usually comment of what they would like on my space in the future. I am considering moving to another place on my own website with my blog when my provider who I am working on getting my own through will provide it. This is a stopping point until I have a web server of my own. Then I may provide space to others in the future. I expect to even have the ability to use FrontPage on my own blog or some better Adobe programs for blogging soon. I am excited about this and would like to know if anyone would be interested in this in the future. I personally went to this theme because everything but the older ones were not working for my own blog space reliably. I seem to find that newer ones are less stable in the blog even being here at times. I will experiment with this again as I have time.


I also think some comments might have been blocked once in a while is why I am appealing to anyone who wants to as concerns my staying on MSN myself, let me know. I don’t even know if you are able to always leave comments with other themes. Some of you might check your own blog for this problem if you are seeing a reduced number of regular comments and you are running the new ones. Especially if you are one of the so called "clique" as I know MSN has still got very many bugs like they did with the beta stuff on new themes. You need to be aware of this. Even if you are on one or two of the "clique’s" list you should check this out if you are considering doing anything drastic in your own space. I am now sure I am leaving for better accommodations elsewhere myself soon. I will see you know where I am when I go. I may occasionally leave a shorter comment about myself here once in while even then.


Thank you for commenting at all right now. I do really need to hear from you at this time on these issues.


I left this blog entry with these names because it is important that these people know I read their comments. I thought a regular comment was not an ideal space to leave this kind of information. You all needed to know why I am thinking the way I do if you even visit this space at all.


Smiles and Hugs,

Jo Ann

  1. #1 by Kenny on April 21, 2005 - 5:53 am

    No problem JoAnn…Don\’t feel you have to write to appease. Just do what you are comfortable with & when YOU want to do it. Hopefully you will be feeling much better about everything again soon.I dont come here to judge anyone & I am w/out expectation. The nicest surprises are random ….good things can take a little longer, thoughts & feelings manifest in the heart.Be HappyKenny

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