This is the best a poor, but trying one I am a writer like me, would wanted said by myself to all I ever think need know here! I took from this morning at 8:30 until now to get it long but even then right today, too long to one person, Zen!

Thanks to what FastBikerChic and Miss Cookie Pussy which are some of my best friends if for profanity, length purposes, or my deplorable grammar, lack of what I am my foolish even a little rigorous lack of control at spelling, or my rather lack of editorial control which for my own purposes as of grasp of reality slipping into some rather grave errors am now. What I call anything over my hostile behavior on your part saw in either a good lack of control you see any way in my slipping into a really bad or even very good sort of way you from me have the good sense to know is used at only Alex and I which real world situations you see in my own or his way may know any of that was bordering even there on either my worse usage in extreme instances about the way I talked in cyberspace yesterday in such ways you may really want to a point I some what in Jock’s or any other case as anyone you saw me finally to me I explain a need to do just feel free to delete it or keep any way you feel necessary. I would never care one way bad and might even feel a case like you can with my extreme pleasure expect me to come to you some way as in an apology ask you the next day as far a I am concerned delete it either as I have made up my mind is way out of line to my friends.


Or who you may feel concerned in my own way sorry as is you are going to no doubt Pariah as may so feel was unfair in some parts yesterday I might even get the guts in my own way as I have only limited control over as I now only the vaguest sense is my almost enemy which I consider is not anyone I have my beginning suspicions they can in real life which I can forgive quite I would the next day it I would never want to hug as much as I am able even as my own ex-sister-in-law as when I did do. So as her by her own feelings is really sorry in her own how my, by my only hostile again real actions which you will doubt I will ever understand are ever needed by me in the extreme by personally making me feel she somehow attacked me in physical violence pushed me into even little a bit of pain; as she has ever done when I in turn defended me and my son against her own words about her own defense of my own limited regard which I have always either held her in only my own close to the best a person can so as a pretty much friend you can no longer think I do with regard to Pariah.


Or my father which now is able to very well be understood now to have my best regards. Even as the one person and any type who I can any way love enough to be sorry I have no understanding in his sexual use of me as you can imagine I do him for living long enough to never lived as long as it hurt me even a little too long with him with the person I mention who ever doubts my sincerity and respect and his ability to forgive him need be the other. Who so I can hug my own self is anyone who actually holds the person I think I mentioned that I have so little recollection in my own mind that anyone would expect I hold very well is a person who I have done little I can recall even begin I could if he himself in my presence himself said quite the same degree responsible is one who maybe once, maybe twice, I really do not even earn my enmity in real life as I can as far may actually concern hold him accountable without also actually believed to his own mind at a time. Maybe, at this one because if he linked to my site his own sorrow because that upset me enough to let him know is like Pariah. Any of you know even likely not to in some future to report even him to some authority is by doing some way to me, Alex, or my own mother, and that too pretty bad really if this person to us did it and I saw it like trying to kill me or threatening us like I have seen him say it himself is the one in such extreme words to you all, including Jock, should really doubt I never would have dreamed at even imagining said it in my place. Is one person who I said there in his own humanity would doubt means he even chance has one of going so far, as I will soon go to know as any person ever will like he just vaguely even might have does not expect very well probably is, if I really have any idea in defense of because he has done so in case of my own Daddy as I am or Alex’s case Granddaddy, is his opinion about animals as in once or twice even done in words or by his exact actions like beating pretty well for my own – me. You may be clear on exactly how ashamed in that case I would be of my own damn sick little way if not sure both of this I hold both insofar as my own attitude is either I a very little may and may even if you ask me how little one or two both those feel in reality.


If, I understand how I am to how I really am at both Richard who is you Alex’s own biological Dad who I would have. Also as has no little less than Jeff who by MY own estimation in now I still both just feeling too lucky to have just now earned my own very good reasons to have loving me after all those two just not at all now, and they are not too far in my guess. Would they ever, even try to contact me in some way again to doubt myself as that goes. I guess you know how upset yesterday I would be really you are when I realized by my little ability myself in reality.


I will try not ever even my own disbelief to any one person I am so little concerned about in my own life to their own extent as I would be like a little confused about in these own minds as you were likely in the exactly same intentions with this or you in your mind had some conception as none have none of these would worry about me in my own unlimited which I think is a for Mr. Pariah or the other one exactly if one other one would if I tried to you as I do hold these not enough to call Mr. likely as we do in Miss Cookie Pussy more in a way than I mean that as a nickname should he or she have sometime future to mean I was a little my own worst personal mean way if I could explain I did too you all each of them said as to both of them I meant I am personally all my own best friend which I call Alex, and he is my own good judge would be ashamed of me if he exactly what as himself is of me at you can is now. Now you have well, I think even the who know what I meant to their own satisfaction. And damn well be enough for anyone who I think even a little confused by me who does not in some who do understand this much I could believe Jock or any other is now quite a lot what I am puzzled really happened at once now is it.


So thing is so little you have to mean to me in future times worry. Go figure, why it all became necessary to me to say everything I said to you today because Miss Cookie Pussy just calls me in case I am in fact, somewhat a little better at being any more well than she was getting me to now even understand me better is me than even as she is I do know exactly like am I in similar and would not be really surprised if she starts saying some stupid name like she would that if she were really start you or anyone a Marine or Army private would call me that would easily taken by surprised in their own vernacular mean; by exactly how much she would be by me yesterday as anyone would if she even stated I was what you may if you get what I mean Miss Hell On Wheels. After anyone gets a good idea what my latest new nickname is going if she were to think that way in case she ever gets such a good idea, because she has now reached a point only very few were at to be so accurate a point to be even in my own Daddy’s nearly best name; and he was himself sometime mistaken quite by if I mention a very well deserved name in terms I would call a very well known name general if I could quite likely because the one I am is called Patton when even I know that looked once would if he said he looked like him very little this person in his explaining it to this person and I can know now precisely what anyone with good military background would look at his exact in mind and I have no doubt you cannot be mistaken who by the name, but I cannot think of the right name now. I will only say he once or more times gave a mistaken idea just how serious an idea it with this had when he used to once in while did drive such a vehicle one or two times. Because it happens to be what he drove before it was given to this person who I am so hard trying to say if I mention he had to laugh. When I used too now reach it with him without any help knew how angry at a store clerk or so insignificant a person does indeed need how angry I am in private he would. YOU best be aware anytime she calls me who I am talking about when I or she employ that term. It is me, and that even now is better than I can now say who I meant today, just now and you, also my good blessing to use when and I let you again know when she did in fact call me on my home phone today, just to check in with me. You can not even be as appraises when she and some other I like know how I am doing instead any situation as she knows this in than she would know me as usually at least and some of you do in myself at HopefulJo.


Lots of people find they do love it and it has always been in most cases my nickname online, once it maybe twice been taken which, if you do know probably pisses one person she considers in porn even looks inappropriate to her at almost with, you and me know will a little ticked her off. Simply because her pictures did. Now I think it will all you ever be in need of me ever saying it ever, when I never intended you to have to bear with me, as I am not any good at saying this type thing again in any better words am. Zen to be exact meant it as have tried to explain in these words one sentence and I find his words in almost anything most concise.


Now, I have got to go back and edit it only for paragraphs as it is one in all this if even I can find a way to make it more without my limited understanding if I do, believe Zen regards me that way.


Smiles again to eveyone,

Jo Ann aka Miss Hell On Wheels, once again if you all care!

  1. #1 by Zen on April 21, 2005 - 9:59 pm

    HopefulJo, while I\’m sure whatever you wrote to me was heartfelt, and probably insightful too, I can not understand it. Please, I\’ve said elsewhere call a doctor, call your mom, call someone close to you! Now.

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