You do me a favor if you read this entry to my best estimation of a guess I even who my very best had of Saint Pariah… I left a long comment with his copy after looking closely here at his words own Space.

Well you finally got to me yesterday and you by the comment you left and got me here thinking about what is my best guess of all you has to be done and that was your apologizing like anyone I have done in best way I am sure anyone else anyone has ever done by coming if you have or nor been there in way even my most could have in my own fucking messed up you did in my own life quite because you very much believe it your jerk of you can without honest to me by coming to and maybe linking me before by my first person I would give a thought by still disagreeing with me and then coming to a lot of my same reason at you and never in your life would the honest truth heard because you were trying to some jerks I understand as you to be in quite ashamed of really in my own Space you understand finally why have tried so hard not a glimmer how I really was. YOU have somewhat done what some complete saints did with me before I did say a thing and I think would have cannot quite sure they even done this think in my own damn mind that much. YOU happen to be one of the few I will say this about and have more than I happen too sorry too also proud I am of need know it. YOU are if you are have any truth in me believe so lucky. If you can I honestly believe it I wrote all I still know my judge of me do in truth before for me instill honestly did do it where I did ever did. You can and will still see it. IN Near MY Own BEST Words. Go compare the time here for you. I will be little amazed I could do it.

I have tried on my own space how I can do best today after five hours myself about all that within a long entry and more than I will ever say on what I meant in your own case you will ever need me say really as clear as I know others will believe you. YOU should probably tell you everything and in future and it now makes me sure I need a brand new nickname around here. If you take me up on that I will be delighted. I do you that warn you it took several hours to great effort as even your amazement will be get it nearly this right. I am still you may feel sure you know to say what is right about all this in less words. You are too good at it.

Smiles, If You Even Glance At It,
Jo Ann

  1. #1 by Melissa on April 21, 2005 - 5:20 pm

    Hi sweety! I hope today is finding you feeling better than yesterday….you are in my thoughts and I pray that you get straightened out. I am not quite sure of what you are asking me in my comments to do. If you can just take a deep breath and beb very calm when you type , you will find it easier. Sometimes my head thinks a whole lot faster than my hands and I have trouble getting my words out, so I take a deep breath and try to relax and think as slowly as I type. If there is something I can do for you , I will be more than happy to do it, ok? Smiles and Hugs for YOU, Melissa

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