I am moving back into my normal state as quickly as I may. This Time I am finally up. I will call the doctor check with Doctor today, but I am in NO WAY out my mind. I know ME VERY WELL. Please Don’t Worry SO MUCH.

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Right now i am gone to my I am asleep,
Jo Ann

I see in this entry that you want my opinion, JoAnn.

It sounds like you might be getting manic, with racing thoughts and inability to sleep. You need to call your doctor and get stabilized with medicine.

Ask for a ride to your psychiatrist or the emergency room for an evaluation.

Your friend, Reeking Havoc
Published By Reeking_Havoc (http://spaces.msn.com/members/reekinghavoc/) – April 22 4:20 AM

  1. #1 by Its_Just_Signa on April 22, 2005 - 11:02 am

    Hey there Jo….We absolutely do NOT think you are out of your mind, but it is very obvious to ALL of us that you are a little out of sorts. This stuff happens, in different ways for different people, but our friends can always tell when we\’re just not quite ourselves. We all care about you, which should be evident from the phone calls, emails and posts, and we all want the very best for you. All we are suggesting hun is that you seek the help you need to balance yourself back out. I\’m not sure if you are aware how far off balance you are right now, which is typical for someone with a chemical imbalance. You\’re friends and family will be the first to see the signs, and you may be the very last to recognize it. We are hoping that our concern will be enough to spur you into taking action immediatly, and seeking the help you need. We all love and miss your *smiles* and your wonderful, thoughtful and incredibly sweet comments and posts. We have great faith in you Jo, we know you will do what needs to be done, and we know that you are bright and witty and intelligent and caring. Don\’t tell us not to worry so much….we are only concerned that a friend of ours needs our help and support. Take that for what it is worth and accept the love and care that all these people have for you. I will be checking in regularly to see how you are doing.Signa

  2. #2 by Zen on April 22, 2005 - 11:26 am


  3. #3 by Its_Just_Signa on April 22, 2005 - 1:24 pm

    I am posting an update here on Jo\’s behalf (and with her permission) so that you will all know how she is doing. I just got off the phone with her and I\’m happy to report that she is far more coherent in person than she is in written communication. Her main focus and goal currently is trying to catch up with all of us who have expressed a concern for her wellbeing, and she has found herself quite busy with this task. For those of you who have only communicated with her via email or blog, please be assured that she can hold a conversation, but that she is finding it extremely difficult to write. She said every word is a struggle, and her mind and fingers are not working together right now. I explained to her that it is her incoherent writting that had us worried, so she has asked that anyone who has spoken with her to please post updates here on her site as well as on their own to help assure everyone else that she is not completely out of her mind. She has taken the steps that she needs to be taking….she has contacted her counselor and has an appointment on Tuesday. And she has called her doctor, though they are dragging their feet in responding to her anxious pleas for help. Dave (Daubert) has apparently called her doctor on her behalf and asked them to check on her and voiced his concern. She has asked me to do the same thing which I will be as soon as I\’m done posting this comment. One very important thing, she is still talking about her future business plans and her desire to get moving on them as soon as possible, and she spent much of her time trying to encourage me to continue to pursue a writing and speaking career. So, even in the midst of her own issues she is still her self-less and forward thinking self. She stated that she is Bipolar (schizo) and Mannic Depressive. And that currently she is experiencing a state that she has never been in before and is trying to deal with it as best she can. She is still able to handle most of her day to day acitivities, but she is a bit anxious to get the help she needs. So, for anyone that wishes to talk with me further about her current condition, she has given her permission, blessing and has even asked that I (and anyone else who has spoken with her) invite people to contact us for an update. Click on my name for my email address if you wish to contact me.

  4. #4 by Unknown on April 22, 2005 - 3:59 pm

    Hello everybody concerned about Jo Ann,I spoke with Jo Ann for about ½ hour today at 3:00 p.m.Jo Ann is doing better then I imagined from reading her comments; however, she is still in a very bad way. She is in a depressed and manic state and is very confused. The good thing is that Jo Ann recognizes her condition and is coping with it as best she can. She is having a difficult time reaching her doctor or counselor. She does have an appointment with a counselor on Monday morning. Alex should be home at approximately 4:30 p.m. and this should help her a lot.For all of you who know Jo Ann it should not come as a surprise that she seems just as concerned about all of us as she is about herself. She asked me over and over to make certain that I post this on her blog and the blog of others. She named many of you by name and specifically asked that I post this message on your blogs, so if you read this message on several locations please be aware that I am only trying to do what Jo Ann asked of me.Jo Ann also said that any of you who wish may call her at home. You should be aware that she is having an extremely difficult time doing more then one thing at a time. You should expect long pauses while she gathers her thoughts, so please be VERY patient with her.Regards,Rock

  5. #5 by Jo Ann on April 22, 2005 - 4:54 pm

    Thank you much to anyone here on my own blog and their blog will update all aon what Signa So Well on my behalf and will try to get what I call an emergency in my own place to each and every one of my best judges which my Mom Is the very best of my best in real is worried when she tries to contact the doctor who she and even and Alex have sat in on my own sessions. Here is a little know fact which one or to may be new and I am going to do which I have next to never divulge to anyone who knows me my ex-husband who has known me is one of the very few capable of doing in fact in his own life to almost any extent poossible with any car that is why I was too mad to not let you know when he made a mistake my car could run without no little trouble. He happens to specially work with Volvos. He is the very best available he looks at most, listens to others, drives some others. He can usually comes to a conclusion in seconds. In this too talented to work without in his own house or now a shop. He is also can be one of the musicians in the world and cannot even read music as well with my choral training and limited knowledge which is vast and pretty good, in basic detail, and on Piano, Organ, and Guitar. He does not use even the language that I was taught in high school and churches when we try to discuss our favorite bands which we are very much in agreement, one he can but play great as themselves with some modifications is better than their own is Rush. I cannot speak enough on this and I would say he is in a natural way without one doubt as talented as one person and you all know who am talking about is the best I know of Keith Richards. He can paly any brand of guitar in both base or regular type with a talent I have tried my very best which as you know is a lot in the way I can to it to encourage this friend and lover and husband of mine to put together his own band. He can never find enough time or the right people to back him up on lead on either on piano, guitar, electronic organ, and synthezier. I know I may have spelled wrong the last because just one of the few, but sometimes may, but many I would like to look up. I am in live mode here in comment. I am doing much better and did take meds on schedule today and last night. You who are so are free to call I cannot leave my number in fact here but will give it some others such as MCP, David who you may know as Grafix, or Signa. I just when as I started to write to her reply got through talking to Signa, and talked to David late last night, and Darlene yesterday. Anyone in their positions in life should be capable of explaining some how to each of you how I am doing. I am not well, but am a very depressed and in somewhat manic state. I am now stressed more over my own plight in life than when I was last suicidal which is important you know that was five years ago in earlier months. My naame in full is listed on this blog you may look myself up through Georgia directory service or in detail on almost any service online I happen to be the Jo Ann Jordan listed in Whitesburg… You will know the number as a 678 area code. If you must contact me for any reason yourself please note you can in my own room even if I am not on my computer. I must warn you useless trying to contact me at home if you do without reaching me at my email I am leaving post here again… hopefuljo@msn.com. Now, I must try to get in touch with the Doctor who best skilled with me right again as I still have not heard back yet. I do not know for sure I will reach him to the best I know. He is one of the busiest and works some hours even he is stressed over sometimes. I will hours after business closes be able to reach this individual… he has told me to call him any time a situation I feel needs at least his comment on and will admit me or seem to manage to meet. In any case I have, the appointment for him on Monday at 10:00 I think I May not actually back a while!!!

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