40 Days and 40 Nights Again…

Day 11: Under the Rug


Journal Prompts and My Responses


Who has called you the most critical and dismissive names, and what were they?


My brother James has been very mean spirited with me and highly critical. He has called me:

  • Short fat girl
  • Disgusting
  • Lower than Dog-shit
  • Stupid
  • Lazy
  • Dumb
  • Crazy
  • Insane
  • Old
  • Ugly looking
  • Uncaring
  • Fraud
  • Bitch
  • Liar
  • And I am sure there are more, but think that is enough negative for one sitting.


Who are you totally yourself with? Why?


My son Alex because:

  • He loves me unconditionally
  • He rarely criticizes me
  • He likes to spend time with me
  • He thinks I am intelligent
  • He understands my attitudes
  • He offers me constructive opinions
  • He believes in me
  • He accepts me as I am
  • He thinks I am reasonably sane
  • We have fun together
  • If we argue we make up quickly
  • He does not call me names
  • He respects me for the most part



Moodlings… On The Simple Abundance Companion


Five things for which I am grateful today

  1. The fact I am home and not in the hospital
  2. Mother seems to understand some of what I say to her about others in the family
  3. Alex is not mad at me because I have not done everything I meant to recently
  4. Alex enjoys my company even though he is a 16 year old
  5. I really do have some friends through my computer and blog
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