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New Entry with News…


Well, I am still living. Things have been quite busy around here. I am sure even though work has been kind of lax the last couple of weeks that it will pick up with the holidays coming soon. Seems like if I have a day off there are many things calling on my time.


I managed to read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey… I recommend you read it if you get a chance. Having been in treatment facilities with patients with addictions I found it seemed very truthful.


I took Alex to the recruiter week before last and he signed up for the delayed entry program. He took the ASVAB and his Marine physical last week. He scored 93 out of a possible 99 on the ASVAB, so he can have any military occupational specialty the Marine Corps offers. He will enter the Marines just after he graduates high school this year.


I am feeling very depressed at times because it seems I have achieved nothing in my life. I want opportunity and there just does not seem any for me. I am in a job that is dead end and my financial situation is a shambles.


I think seeing Alex take off with such great hope and fine expectation makes me realize more how pointless my existence has been. I have many regrets.


I learned last week that my best friend may have lung cancer. She is only 41 and I am very concerned about her. I am praying that she will be okay.


Next week Alex gets his driver’s license, if he passes the exam, which he should.


I hope all my friends in Spaces are doing well. I am sorry I have not been on here more. I miss having time with the computer every day. It was wonderful back then, but there is no going back to the ease of those times. I have obligations that keep me away nowadays.



Jo Ann


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