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A Wish For All…


I have been physically sick for the past week and a half and have been out of work due to it. I had a stomach virus and just cannot seem to shake the weakness it brought on. I am to go to a stomach specialist tomorrow to see what he thinks might be causing this sense of malaise.


The up side has been that I am home for the Christmas holiday and getting to spend some time with Alex and Mom. I really am not looking forward to returning to work. I have been considering turning in my resignation.


Since I last wrote I returned the Jeep so that I do not have that huge expense hanging over me anymore. I am driving and buying my Mom’s 1988 Buick Regal.


The bankruptcy should be finalized any time now and I will be out from under all the debt I had against me. It amazes me that credit card companies are calling offering me lines of credit. I am belligerently against getting any credit cards ever again. I just wish they would stop calling and harassing me about taking new ones.


Alex is excited about going in the Marines and we think he passed all his classes this semester. I have not gotten him much for Christmas. Just do not know what to get because he has so much and too he will be leaving in the not too distant future so things like new computers and such seem overkill. He did finally take delivery on the car his father had promised him for years. Actually it is a different vehicle but it runs.


I hope all my friends in Spaces have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of prosperity and the blessings each of you so richly deserve. May many of your dreams come true in the coming days.



Jo Ann


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