Update – With so much to catch up on


Well, it has been a long time since I have written here. Alex came home for Christmas. I decided to get an iPod. Mom’s health has improved.

Mom got an implant for her back pain. It is a stimulator which sends electrical impulses up her spine and short circuits pain impulses to her brain. She is not in pain at all now and before it had almost completely incapacitated her.

Alex came home in June and got his Volvo and took it to his duty station at Cherry Point, North Carolina. The car broke down before the week was out so he had no transportation.

I bought a Bose SoundDock for my iPod. It makes it so I can listen to the iPod as stereo anywhere in the house.

My brother James bought a new truck and sold his Explorer Sport Trac to my Mom. She wanted to sell her 2000 Ranger to Alex. I got in touch with him and he was delighted to have the chance to buy the Ranger. His father, Richard, went and picked up the Volvo and Alex from Cherry Point and brought Alex to Atlanta on August 31. Richard now owns the Volvo again since he gave it to Alex in the first place. We picked Alex up downtown and got home about 2:30am on September 1. Alex got the truck titled and tagged in his name on September 4. He spent the week with us and went back to Cherry Point on Friday.

My puppy is a year old now and I have had her just over a year. She is a delight. I am so glad that I got her.

I had been using the computer very little because my chair was full of magazines. I finally moved the magazines to the storage building so I have been using the computer more. I am still not writing or doing anything creative… but I think that is going to change. I hope to get back into blogging.

Sunday our 21 year old Kirby stopped working. Monday morning I called the distributor to see how much it would cost to have it rebuilt. He said it would be at least $150.00. I knew the new Kirby machines were selling for $1995.00. I told the distributor that I had been a Kirby dealer and knew they sold the vacuums for less than asking price. He sent his wife out to show us the new Kirby. Somehow my Mom talked them into selling her the new one for only $800.00. Of course we traded the old machine in, but still it amazes me how good a deal Mom got. This new Kirby is self-propelled and a joy to use. I love it. Not bad for the best vacuum in the world.

Yesterday, Mom had to have surgery on an ingrown toenail. I am glad I don’t get those.

I went to my psychiatrist’s office today and got prescription refills for the next five months. I am doing pretty well. I do not have to go to the office as often as I used to.

Alex is going to Iraq in February 2008. I am apprehensive about it, but I know he is doing what he wants to in the Marine Corps, so I am mostly at peace with it. I am sure it will be hard to see him go.

I have read 74 books this year, but I have not been reading as much since I started using the computer more. I do a lot of reading online. I have subscriptions to www.Salon.com and www.TheNewRepublic.com . I really enjoy these two online magazines and I read a lot on www.msnbc.com .


Jo Ann Wink

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