Two Poems and Some Thoughts


Alex left for the Marine Corps on June 4, 2006. I wrote this poem while he was in boot camp. I am glad that we are in touch with each other more often now. I do not miss him quite as much as I did then.


Son Away


You have left your place

Emptiness fills the space.

I miss your voice, your face.


You are brave and true.

I am very proud of you,

But fearful too.


No other person can

Touch me as you can

Because you are my young man.


My mother’s heart

Is torn apart,

But it’s your life’s start.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Sunday, August 20, 2006


After the university shooting in April, I wrote this poem. I titled it Massacre because I wanted it to have universality. I thought about what had happened and thought there were so many other situations to which the poem could apply.




Quiet broken

Cries terror

Shots blasting

Blood ripped bone.


Unknown reason

Thoughts in shambles

Desperate mind

Ruthless evil.


Terrible waste

Sweet innocence

Lost forever

Senseless destruction, death.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Wednesday, April 18, 2007


That is the last time I wrote a poem. In fact, I had not written anything until I posted on the blog Friday. I hope writing here will make it easier to write creatively elsewhere.


Today is Round Up at my church, where I do not go, so my Mom dressed up as a cowgirl. I may post a picture of her later. I did not have good light to take one before she left this morning.


Church is too political for me to feel comfortable there. I still love God and pray, but the organized religion thing is a little much for me. There are so many things the Baptist Church is against that I am not at ease with it anymore. I sometimes miss the fellowship, but so many of the people believe things I disagree with that it is better not to be around them. I guess I am too liberal to be a good Southern Baptist now. I am a member of Humanity’s Team and that resonates with me. I would like to see all people embrace one another as One. I think peace could be achieved if we could lay aside fundamentalist ideologies.


I am just hanging out today. I sleep on a regular schedule nowadays, so I got up at about 7:20am. Penny, my mother’s dog, was barking at my bedroom door and Hope got so excited she was pouncing all over the bed and me. Hope has only been sleeping in the bed with me for a week. She slept in the crate before because I thought she would tear up things if she were left loose. Sleeping with me seems to be working out though. Oh, you should look at Hope’s pictures in the album Hope, My Puppy Dog. She is a real cutie.


Mom stayed out until 8:00 last night. She went to yard sales, visited a friend, went to JC Penny Outlet, and just had an awesome time with her friend June. I am so glad she has such a good friend. Since Mom cannot drive, she would not get to do near as many things if she did not have someone who cares about her. She brought me home some clothes from the yard sales. I am not big on used clothes, but these look nice and I can at least wear them around here. The long sleeved pajamas will come in handy this winter… if we have a winter. Things have gotten so warm that we hardly have any cold in Georgia anymore. It is like living in the Tropics.


Speaking of pajamas, I am still in mine. I better get dressed and do some housework. I do all that around here these days. Mom works outdoors, but I take care of the indoors. I should do a better job of it, but there is so much clutter in the house that it is hard to clean. It is not dirty anyway, just not spotless like my Mom likes things.


Please read the two previous entries to catch up with what is going on if you have not been here in a while or are new.


I hope you have a good day.



Jo Ann Wink

  1. #1 by Laoch on September 23, 2007 - 4:41 pm

    I hope you are doing well.

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on September 23, 2007 - 5:24 pm

    I am doing good. Staying pretty busy most of the time. Seems like there is always somewhere to go or something to do. I am glad you stopped by Laoch.
    Jo Ann 

  3. #3 by Tami on September 24, 2007 - 10:58 am

    thanks for visiting.  Its always great to meet another mother of our amazing Marines.   I will say a prayer for your son.   I hope you will accept my invitation to join your friends list.   I would like to visit you and read some more of your poetry.   The one about your son definitely touches a chord in my heart!
    hugs to you,

  4. #4 by Jo Ann on September 24, 2007 - 11:52 am

    Thank you for stopping by Tami. When I get the invitation to join your friends list I am sure to accept. Thank you for the prayers, Alex needs them.
    Jo Ann 

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