Just a Note with Pictures

I vacuumed the house yesterday. The new Kirby does a good job. Only thing I do not like about it is that it tries to suck up all the throw rugs Mom has around the house. Makes vacuuming an adventure.

Hope and Penny got baths this morning and I blew them dry. They smell so good when they are freshly bathed. They never smell bad because they get weekly baths.

The president is going to veto a bill to help insure kids and I think this is very wrong-headed of him. Alex was on PeachCare or he would have had no insurance as a child. Low-income families need the aid to have insurance coverage.

Mom came home early yesterday and did not go to the Round Up at church. She did go to Sunday school and Church dressed as a cowgirl though. Her friend, June, went to see her grandson, Bradley, off into the Army. He joined for two years.

Today, Mom and June are off to town again.

I wish I could crank the lawn mower. I would mow the yard. It is getting a little high, but the mower is too hard for me to start.

Mom picked tomatoes this morning, and I had a bologna, cheese, and tomato sandwich for lunch. The fresh tomato makes a sandwich delicious.

Alex and I chatted for a very few minutes last night. He reiterated that being a Marine is exactly what he wants to do. I feel bad that he did not get bonuses like Bradley did for going into the Army, but he is happy with it. He is committed to his service and says he wants to do forty years in the Marine Corps. I am so glad he is doing what he loves.

I want to put up a list of the books I have read this year, but I think it is too much work to get the pictures to show and everything. I have to finish the book I am reading. Using the computer takes away from my reading time.

Hope proved that she is still a terrorist dog by eating one of my nice notepads yesterday. I call her terrorist dog when she misbehaves or devil dog. Devil Dog is a nickname for Marines so I do not consider it a slur to call her that. I have been hoping, as she grew older that she would mellow some, but seems that is wishful thinking. She still bedevils Penny by chewing on her ears quite often. I do not understand why Penny will not take up for herself. If anybody has any suggestions on how to stop Hope from biting Penny’s ears, I would love to hear them. I hate tying her up to keep her away from Penny, but I cannot think of anything else to do.

I took Mom’s picture in her cowgirl outfit today. I hope to post the pictures in this entry. If that does not work out you can see them in an album called My Mom.


Jo Ann


  1. #1 by Tami on September 24, 2007 - 4:59 pm

    Hi Jo,
    No worries about MSN being stupid *smile*.   I fixed the comments.  Glad to have you on my friends list too so I can come back ans see you!
    Hope everyone is well.   Your mom is so cute!

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on September 24, 2007 - 5:47 pm

     I hate it when MSN does something like that. Thank you for fixing the comments. I hope you will visit often.
    Everyone is doing well. Alex is on night shift so I probably won\’t hear from him until the weekend, but I know he is alright.
    Mom did look cute in her outfit.
    Jo Ann

  3. #3 by Twila on September 24, 2007 - 11:59 pm

     Yes, Jo, kids and old, disabled need insurance.  We\’re thanking the state of Iowa right now for David\’s IowaCare coverage.  I have none for myself but so, knock on wood, don\’t need it.  We had medical coverage for Kaeden for the four years he lived with us.  Now he\’s with his new step-mom and her sons, she gets to worry \’bout that.
    I love your mom\’s cowboy outfit!  How adoreable!
    And fresh tomatoes?  I\’m so jealous!  My tomatoes didn\’t grow well at all this year.  Got four to ripen, but they rotted just that quickly too.  😦  So guess it\’s store bought tomatoes for us until next summer.
    Don\’t have any suggestions for breaking Hope of chewing Penny\’s ears.  That\’s a tough one.  Have you tried keeping a spray bottle of water handy to squirt her when she does that?  Might help.
    Good luck with that.

  4. #4 by Jo Ann on September 25, 2007 - 11:40 am

    Hi Dramma,
    I wish Georgia had better plans for the elderly, disabled, and children. I am on medicare and medicaid, but my medicaid coverage is so limited.
    Glad Kaeden\’s coverage is not your worry now.
    Mom is an adorable person and she dresses up so nice. I am lucky I have a digital camera with which to take pictures. One of the things I bought with the tax return from working at K-Mart part-time. If I would not lose my Medicaid coverage I would have a part-time job now, but I can only make $100.00 a month and keep my Medicaid. The Medicaid helps pay for my prescriptions which are $650.00 a month. I cannot afford to lose that coverage.
    Mom had tomato vines that were taller than I am. We are still getting a few tomatoes. She did something that might be good for you to try. She put jugs in the ground next to her plants and watered the tomatoes through the jugs with holes in the sides of the bottoms of them. This worked extremely well with the drought conditions. 
    The squirt bottle idea might work with Hope, I know it works with cats. I will try it. This morning she has been good and left Penny alone.
    Take care,
    Jo Ann

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