Slow Tuesday

There is not much going on today. I had homemade vegetable soup for lunch. Unfortunately, it was not very filling.

I tried the spray bottle on Hope as Dramma suggested and it seems to work. She stops bothering Penny immediately.

My brother, James, is going to have a biopsy on his stomach. We are hoping it is not cancer, but are afraid it is. He has survived lung cancer so maybe he will survive this. I am very worried.

Alex and I chatted a few minutes before he went to work today. He says he has no specific time to get off from work. He works until he is finished. He is enjoying the truck. It makes it so he does not have to walk a mile to work and back. He had been standing in line at the drive-thru, so having a truck to drive up in is much better.

Our TV is freezing up on audio and video so DirecTv is coming out tomorrow to fix it. I think the dish needs aligning, but we cannot do it.

I actually watched TV last night. The NBC line up interested me. I watched Chuck, Heroes, and JourneyMan. I enjoyed all three, but particularly liked JourneyMan. It surprised me because I usually do not watch TV. Mom watched The Bachelor. She is a fan of that show. I think she has watched it every season it was televised.

Mom wondered if she could start a blog. I told her sure, but she would have to type. She said she would wait. I set her up with internet access on her laptop about a month ago. She does not use the internet much. She really does not understand surfing the net. I am trying to teach her, but she forgets what I tell her from one time to the next. She enjoys playing games on the laptop, but uses it for little else.

I am hoping my computer will stay viable for another few years. I would lose a lot of programming if I had to change machines because I downloaded games from the internet and do not have the codes to make them work if I loaded them on a new computer. I also have no idea how to migrate iTunes and I have over 20GB of music on my iPod. The other factor is that I have no money for a new computer. Most of the time my computer works very well. I have thought of upgrading to Vista, but am not sure that it would work correctly so I am sticking with XP.

I am trying to make sure I do not have to buy anything else this month because I only have $47.83 left in my bank account. This is better than last month when at this time I only had $1.69. I almost over drew my account last month because I forgot to enter my MSN payment in my account register.

I am using OneNote and Windows Live Writer to do this entry. I learned a little more about WLW in the last couple of days and think I might grow to like it. I still wish I could just use Word because of the grammar checker, but I have learned to just copy and paste to it for proofing and use the other programs for posting.

I hope everyone is having a good week.


Jo Ann

  1. #1 by Tami on September 26, 2007 - 2:27 pm

    Hi Jo,
    Said a prayer for your brother.  I certainly hope that it isn\’t cancer but I know well the fear after he survived lung cancer.   He\’s strong if he did that.  Lung cancer took my father from us last December — it was a sad loss to our family.
    Definitely DO not upgrade to Vista.  As a computer professional I can tell you that XP will be viable and useful for some time yet.   I never upgrade until I absolutely have to.  I held off on upgrading to XP for a LONG time!
    Hope you are well otherwise and having a wonderful day.

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on September 26, 2007 - 6:39 pm

    Thank you for the prayer for James. He is a very strong person. He was given two weeks to live four years ago, but he went through chemo and radiation and survived. I am hoping whatever this is that there is something that can be done for it. I am sorry about your father. I know it is hard to lose on so precious to you.
    Thank you for the advice on Vista. I am really afraid my machine would not be up to the requirements and am much afraid of losing programming I have.
    I am doing well and hope you are too.
    Jo Ann

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