Another Day, Another Experience


Well, the squirt bottle does not work all the time to stop Hope from attacking Penny. I soaked her with it last night and she just kept going after Penny. I had to tie her up for about an hour to separate them.


Chatted with Alex long enough to tell him I love him today. He was getting ready to go to work.


James went to see a surgeon today to schedule his biopsy.


The DirecTv technician came about 5:00. He realigned the dish and changed the transponder, but that did not fix the problem. He decided it was the wiring and ran new wire. That fixed it and the television is functioning fine now. Hope was scared of the technician and hid in my room the whole time he was here. That is very unusual for Hope she usually befriends everyone. She finally started acting more normal after he had been gone an hour or so.


My uncle sent my Mom some onions and tomato seed. She planted about half of the onions and is giving the rest to my brother, James, to plant in his garden. The tomato seed are for next year.


I had wanted to find some boxes of all occasion cards since the other day when I had such a limited choice of card for my mother’s birthday. I knew I had a few nice boxes of them, but I was unable to get to them. I thought they were on a shelf I could not access. Last night, I moved stuff around so I could get to the place where I thought the cards were, but they were not there. I was determined to find them so I tried another shelf. They wound up being under it. I was so happy I found them. I wrote Richard, Alex’s father, a birthday card last night. This morning I wrote Reba, my best friend, a card congratulating her on her new house. I had not sent out any cards in a long time. Maybe this writing thing is paying off. I hope I will start some creative writing soon.


I think we are going to town tomorrow. Mom has a jacket at the dry cleaners to pick up and I need to get a few groceries. I also have a $20.00 rebate check to cash from AT&T. That money will come in handy. Maybe we can have lunch in town. I would really like a restaurant meal.


I think Mom may go out of town for the weekend. I am looking forward to having the house to myself for a few days. I can play my music louder when she is not home. I do not have to worry about doing stuff outside when she is gone and can enjoy reading and computing without feeling guilty for not spending the time with her.


I am so fortunate to have the wonderful Mom I do. I do not know how I would get along without her. We do not always agree, but we get along well most of the time. I am blessed with a terrific son too. I am so proud of Alex. He has grown up to be an exceptional young man. I am lucky to have Hope who loves me and allows me to love her. She makes the days more joyful.


I am grateful for books to read, this blog to write in, and a decent home to live in. There are so many blessings in my life. Things are not ideal, but I am mostly happy and that is great.



Jo Ann Wink 

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