Saturday Musings


Even though I went to bed about 11:30 last night, I got up before 7:00 this morning. I am so grateful that I am able to sleep on a regular schedule. I have been insomnia free for a while now and that is a huge relief.


Mom gave Hope and Penny baths this morning and I blew Hope dry. Hope behaves much better for Mom in the bath than she does for me, so Mom bathes her for me.


Wendell and Frances, Mom’s homebound buddies, from the church came to visit this morning. I tied Hope up while they were here because she gets overly excited when visitors come to the house.


I checked the blogs on my list and left a few comments. There were not many new entries. I guess that most of my blog friends have tired of writing, or are too busy with their lives to update their blogs very often.


I read some in Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel. I am hoping that this book will encourage my writing. I find the exercises very good. I have been having a hard time writing because I want everything I write to be perfect from the beginning. I do not give myself much room to practice my craft. I am very resistant to writing at all. This was not how it used to be, but I have been blocked almost completely for a couple of years now. I am not doing art either. I do not want to make mistakes, so I rarely begin anything creative. Writing in this blog for the last week seems to be more cathartic creatively than anything I have done in a long while. I actually have the desire to write and that has been lacking for a long time. I do not think of the blog as creative writing, but even journaling is good practice. It gives words and thoughts a form. I did write a poem during this week. It was not a very good poem, but it was something with a meaning. I think I have felt that I did not matter for some time. Therefore, nothing I could write or create had any worth. This is changing a little. One of the exercises I did today was to say I matter and my creative work matters about thirty times. This was a good thing. It made me aware that I was not valuing my creative work or myself. Awareness is one step on the path to change.


I also continued reading the novel I am trying to finish. It is a very good book, but I have been neglecting reading it because I have been using the computer a lot.


I chatted with Alex a little while this afternoon. He got up at about 4:00pm. Alex is a hard core gamer who usually plays World of Warcraft as he chats with me. I do not command much of his attention. I asked him if he bought Halo 3 and he said yes. He has already nearly beaten the game. I am glad I no longer have to pay for his gaming addiction. I could not afford it.


I called in Mom’s prescriptions today. Taking care of her medicines is one of the things I do for her. She would not be able to handle it on her own. We will pick up the prescriptions on Tuesday when we go into town to get our flu shots. We try to combine tasks when we go to town because it is a fifteen-mile drive one way and gas is so expensive.


I read some articles on I am glad I subscribed again. You can read articles without a subscription. It had been about a year since my subscription ran out. Now that I am using the computer a lot again I enjoy reading alternative media. One of the articles was about increasing the number of troops in the military. I do not see how we will do this successfully without reinstating the draft. There are not many young people who are interested in serving in the military in time of war. Alex wanted to be a Marine from the time he was about eight, but that is unusual. Most young adults want their freedom and see the military as a forfeiture of that right.


Mom is going to church in the morning so I will have the house to myself for a little while. I am hoping to listen to some music while she is gone. I have to vacuum the house while she is out so there will be little time to turn the volume up.


I am grateful that Alex is happy and doing what he loves.

I am grateful that Hope fills my life with joy.

I am grateful that Mom is doing well.

I am grateful that I can read.

I am grateful that I can write.

I am grateful that the weather is getting cooler.

I am grateful that I have a functioning computer.

I am grateful that I am an American.

I am grateful that I have a decent home.

I am grateful that I have food to eat.


Sometimes I complain and forget to be thankful, but I have so many things for which to be grateful. Life is essentially good. There is much happiness to be had in my daily life. I am fortunate to be alive and each day is a gift.


I hope all is well with each of you.



Jo Ann Wink

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