Successful Sunday…


I woke up about 7:15 this morning. Hope was licking my face and trying to get my attention. I forgot to bring her leash to the bedroom last night so I had to carry her to the kitchen in my arms. I put her on the leash and left her to do her business. She is paper trained, but I do not trust her to go to the paper first thing in the morning without her leash.


Mom did not leave for church until 8:30 so I talked to her some before she left. It was 58 degrees outside so we opened the door and set up the fan to cool the house.


My refrigerator is not keeping things very cold so I moved the bologna and milk to Mom’s refrigerator. I turned the setting as high as it will go so I am hoping that it will cool down.


I listened to music loud for a few minutes then turned it off to vacuum. My niece, Carrie Leigh, called and we talked for about an hour. I eventually vacuumed the house.


Alex signed into MSN and I chatted with him just a few moments. Mom came home. She brought food from church, so I ate. When I came back, Alex’s setting was away and he did not come back all afternoon.


My ex-sister-in-law came to visit Mom. They decided to go eat in town. Mom asked me to go, but I really did not want to hang out with Linda and my money is limited so I had a good excuse to stay home.


I ate a bologna, cheese, and tomato sandwich.


I spent the time they were gone reading the novel I have been trying to finish. I finally finished reading it this evening. It was The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a spy novel with lots of action. I would recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers.


Hope has acted as a terrorist dog today. She will not leave Penny alone. I have tied her up quite a lot. I hate to restrain her, but I know no other way to protect Penny.


Something funny happened yesterday. My brother, James, has two horses, a reddish brown female Quarter horse named Joanna and a black male Arabian named Sheton. There are pictures of them in the Pictures From My Walk album. Anyway, Sheton came up to the fence whinnying and then whinnying and sniffing the ground. He was very agitated and went into his stall wanting my brother to come see him. James went over and talked to Sheton asking him where was Joanna. Sheton shook his head and did this several times as James talked to him. These two horses are nearly inseparable. James told Sheton he would help him find Joanna. He got on his four-wheeler and set out looking for her with Sheton following. Joanna was hiding in the field down near our house and was just refusing to answer Sheton’s calls. My brother said, "Just like a woman." Horses can be very stubborn.


I better post this and get off to bed. I try to go to bed around 10:00 most of the time.



Jo Ann Wink

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