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Busy, Busy Wednesday…


Hope woke me at 7:45 this morning. She was licking my face. I carried her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I untied Hope.


June called and needed us to follow her to the auto shop to leave her car and bring her home. Mom had to get dressed before we could leave because she was about to take a bath when June called. I tied Hope up so she would not get into trouble while we were gone. We went to June’s house and Mom got in her car to ride to the shop. I followed them. June left the car and we carried her home.


Mom told me June wanted to go out to lunch when we went and picked her up to retrieve her car. I told Mom I could not pay for lunch. She said June had offered to pay for my lunch. We arrived home and Mom took her bath. I untied Hope and petted her some.


I checked email and wrote some replies.


Mom wanted to wear one of the necklaces I had made for her. I went to put it on and the knot came undone. I started restringing the beads.


Mom called June and they decided it was time for us to leave to go for lunch. I tied Hope up. We drove to June’s house and picked her up. We discussed where to eat on the way and decided to go to New China, which is a Chinese buffet. When we got there, Mom went to the bathroom because she had something on her shoe. She spent about twenty minutes in the bathroom. I went ahead and ate, but June waited on Mom. She came out and they filled their plates. I had a second serving of noodles and veggies.


We finished eating and took June to the auto shop. We had to leave because it was getting close to time for Mom’s appointment. We arrived at the office several minutes early. I read a couple of chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mom had a 1:45 appointment but we did not go back to see the doctor until 2:15. The neurologist checked her tremors and wrote prescriptions. He gave her a new prescription to help with night cramps.


We went to Goody’s because I had given Mom another coupon for $25.00 off $100.00 purchase. She bought three outfits and said for me to get a shirt. While she was being rang up I found some socks that were drastically marked down and told her she should get them. They could not be added to her purchase because the coupon had already been taken off, so we did another purchase. I really appreciated Mom getting me the shirt.


We went by the library to return the book with the hold on it. I asked the librarian about books on beading and she directed me to the proper shelf. I picked up several books.


We went to Sam’s to fill Mom’s prescription. I picked up another bead kit. Mom picked up one too. She also picked up some bread and two bottles of Sutter Home White Zinfandel for me. The prescription was not ready because the doctor had prescribed a drug that was no longer manufactured. We made our purchases and left Sam’s.


We went to Michael’s in hopes of finding some things for beading. We found a few things, but not exactly what we wanted. I purchased some fasteners. Mom got a shepherd’s hook and some crosses.


When we arrived home, Mom let Hope off her leash. Hope rode with me to put the Explorer away after we had unloaded it. I started working on stringing Mom’s necklace. I finished stringing it and tried to tie it off, but was not sure it was good enough.


I ate a barbequed venison sandwich. Mom ate her tenderloin barbeque in a sandwich.


I asked Mom to tie off the necklace and she suggested I call James and ask if he would do it. I asked her to call him. She did and he said he would do the knots. She drove up to his house. She was gone a while and came back with a baked potato for me. I could not eat the whole thing so I put part of it in her refrigerator for tomorrow.


My refrigerator still is not fixed and it is only cooling to fifty degrees.


NanoWriMo starts tomorrow so I will surely be busy. Mom is going on an apple trip with the seniors at church.



Jo Ann Wink

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Working Day…


I woke up at 8:00 with Hope walking all over the bed and me. She was ready to get up. I took her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. I ate seven Sandies and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I let Hope loose.


I brought in Mom’s aloe plant so that it would have a place to stay through the Winter.


I checked email and comments on my blog. There were many emails to read.


I drank four cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


I started working on the HP Learning Center lesson three Introduction to CorelDRAW 12.


The defrost heater for my refrigerator finally came. Now we have to get someone to put it in.


James came down to put Mom’s can crusher in a better position. I went out with them. They drove around to look at the garden and I went back into the house. Mom called me and asked me if I would mow the yard if James started the lawnmower. I said yes. I was very glad to do this because the grass was getting high. It took James about fifteen minutes to start the mower. He helped me get it over the carpet on the walk into the yard with it cranked. I cut the right side and around the house. He told me how to maneuver to the other side. I asked Mom to bring me some water and she did. I cut the left side and around the house. The front porch makes it so the lawn is divided in two. I put the lawnmower away and went inside. I drank another bottle of water right away.


I was tired and relaxed a while. I took a shower because I was dusty from cutting the yard. For lunch I ate the chicken sandwich Mom brought home from Zaxby’s yesterday.


We dressed the dogs in some baby clothes Mom had picked up for her cabbage patch doll at yard sales. By the way, I posted some pictures of Hope in her military outfit yesterday in the album Hope, My Puppy Dog.


I finished the HP Learning Center lesson three and four Introduction to CorelDRAW 12.


Alex called. He said the inspection had gone well. He is looking forward to coming home for Thanksgiving. He is working hard and doing well. He thinks he is on target for promotion to corporal. I asked him if he could buy me a copy of Office 2007 at the MX. He said he might be able to do it.


I did the HP Learning Center lesson four on Leonardo’s Notebooks. I finished the HP Learning Center lesson 6 on Outlook 2003. I now know more about Outlook than I will ever use.


I am glad I finished the HP Learning Center lessons. Now I will get credit for completing the courses.


Mom’s homebound buddies from the church, Frances and Wendell, came to visit. I talked to them for a few minutes.


I called and renewed my library books. I have to take one in tomorrow because it has a hold on it.


I read several chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


I ate leftover salmon patties for supper.


I took the dress off of Hope because she seemed to be having trouble jumping with it on. I do not want to limit her movement in any way. She is very active and jumps a lot. She routinely jumps onto the backs of the chairs in the living room and onto my bed. Anything that limits her movement might cause her to fall, hurt herself, and that would be tragic to me.



Jo Ann Wink

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Monday Full of Delays


Hope woke me by licking my face at 8:00 this morning. I took her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. I ate six Sandies and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Coke for breakfast. I let Hope loose.


I drank five cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


I called in Mom’s prescriptions to Sam’s.


I took my shower so that I would not have to take it tonight.


I checked email and comments on my blog. I made some replies.


I asked Mom if she wanted to go into town for lunch since she had a 2:30 doctor appointment. She said yes so I tied Hope up, packed a cooler, and my tote bag.


We went by the dry cleaners, picked up Mom’s altered pants, and left some pants to be altered. We stopped at Texaco for gas, but they were out of gas so we went to RaceTrac. We went to Zaxby’s for lunch and had to wait twenty minutes for our meals. Mom’s sandwich was not done and tough so I asked for another one to go. They took down our name and phone number. I was not happy. Mom received another sandwich though.


We went to the doctor’s office. We arrived at 2:00 for a 2:30 appointment. Mom was called back at 3:05. We waited on the doctor until 3:30. The doctor gave Mom her cortisone shot and ordered a chest x-ray. The doctor gave Mom some samples of a stronger antibiotic and a cough medicine. Getting the x-ray took until 4:15.  They think Mom may have pneumonia.


We went to the library and I returned a book and picked up three. We went to Sam’s and turned in a prescription. We strolled around the store while we waited for them to fill the Mobic prescription. I looked at laptop computers, wishing I could get one. I picked up some Listerine. Mom picked up some eggs and grapes. We checked out at the pharmacy. Mom had eight prescriptions to pick up.


We got home at about 5:20 and I let Hope loose. She rode with me to put the Explorer away in the barn.


Mom cooked salmon patties for supper. They were very good.


I am hoping Alex will call me and let me know about the inspection.


I am going to watch Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman tonight.


I hope you all have a good evening.



Jo Ann Wink


Snoozing Sunday


Hope and I woke up at 8:00. I took Hope to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her. I had a bowl of Lucky Charms and a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I decided to lay down for a few minutes before going to the meeting at Borders. I fell asleep and slept until 11:15. I did not go to the NanoWriMo meeting.


I let Hope loose and she was well behaved. I was glad she left Penny alone. I let the dogs out on the front porch.


I drank two cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


Mom called and was surprised I was home. She was just checking on me. I think she must have missed me on her trip.


I checked the Kirby bag to see how full it was. It is almost full. I will need to change it after the next time I vacuum. It is amazing how much it picks up. I am glad Mom chose to buy a new Kirby instead of some other type of vacuum cleaner. I like that it is self-propelled. The old Kirby was manual and it was hard to push.


I checked email and my blog for comments. I read several chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


I ate a barbequed venison sandwich for lunch. I am glad James decided to give me some of the deer.


I chatted with Alex a few minutes, but he had just gotten up and was not very communicative.


I called the Freecycler who was giving me a bunch of books. Her husband gave me their address so that I could get directions on MapQuest. She had given me directions from in town and I thought I might not have to go into town to get to her house.


Mom came home at about 2:30. Her clothes and throws she had taken smelled terribly of cigarette smoke. Lil is a chain smoker. Mom left some of her stuff out on the front porch to air.


I tied Hope up so she would not get into things while we were gone. We went to get the books. Between the MapQuest directions and the directions the woman had given me we got there without any problem. I am glad I called and got her address because it saved me many miles.


I let Hope loose when we came in. I went through the books and took them out to the storage building. I have so many books to read that these will be in storage until I can get to them. There seem to be too many books in the world. One person simply cannot read them all. I must own three thousand books. They take up so much space. One day I am going to have to go through them and possibly sell some or give them away.


I read some more in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn. This is a very good book on mindfulness. It teaches some meditation practices and I hope to begin meditating in a serious way. I think it will be good for me. I am fairly mindful already, but would like to dedicate some time to developing it as a practice.


I ate Healthy Choice Zesty Gumbo Soup with Ritz crackers for supper.


I need to finish up my HP Learning Center classes so that I will not have them to do after November 1 when NanoWriMo starts. I will be trying to write 1612 words per day on my novel after NanoWriMo starts. I am not sure I can do it. I have a hard time writing without editing as I go along and that will slow a person down. It is hard being a perfectionist. I do good to write a page on my blog every day. I have an idea for my novel, but am not sure I can sustain the story beyond the first few pages. I do not usually write long pieces. Poems are my specialty.


Alex called. He is very upset over all the work that has been left to be done before the inspection tomorrow. He and a corporal have to do an overall cleaning of the shop tonight, which was supposed to have been done last night. The shop is not going to be ready for inspection because the paperwork is still messed up. Alex feels he has to do much more than he should. He says the other Marines in his shop are slackers. I wish there were something I could do to make it better for him, but just being here for him seems to be good.



Jo Ann Wink


Leisurely Saturday


I chatted with Alex a few minutes last night. He had just gotten up from a nap so he was not very communicative.


I woke up at 7:00 this morning. I took Hope to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. Mom was outside getting ready to leave with June. They were going to Stockbridge to get their massages and spend the night with Lil, June’s sister-in-law. I told them bye. I ate a piece of pound cake and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


I checked my email and checked my blog for comments. There were not any comments. I read several chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


About 9:00 I started vacuuming the house. I took breaks to drink coffee with vanilla syrup. I finished vacuuming before 10:00.


I read some more. I tried turning Hope loose but she started gnawing Penny’s ear so I tied her up again.


I called one of my cousins who was in the Marine Corps to give him some information about Alex. He wants to meet Alex. He retired from the Marine Corps with twenty years. He spent fifteen years in the same job Alex is doing so they will have a lot in common. I gave him Alex’s contact information and am going to give Alex his contact information next time I am in touch with him.


I had a barbequed venison sandwich for lunch.


I went out on the porch to read and let Hope loose. She left Penny alone while they were on the porch, but when we went inside, she started chewing on Penny’s ear again. I tied her back up.

I took a shower and dressed in my pajamas.


I ate a Lean Cuisine meal for supper. I also had a piece of pound cake.


Mom called. She had a good day. I am glad she was happy because last night she was not sure she wanted to go.


I joined National Novel Writing Month or NanoWriMo. I am hoping to write a complete novel in November. It will be a challenge.


I called Mom and told her I would be going to Borders on Cobb Parkway to meet some other NanoWriMo participants tomorrow. I just did not want her to come home, find me gone, and worry about me.


I called Alex and talked to him until the battery on his cell phone went dead. He was still out directing traffic at the fair in Cherry Point. I told him about his cousin Thomas. He was pleased that Thomas wanted to get in touch with him. He was surprised that they had the same job in common. He is looking forward to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. I think he is really going to enjoy the celebration.


I hope all of you are having a good weekend.



Jo Ann Wink

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Creative Friday


Alex called last night after I posted my blog entry. He is upset over other Marines not doing their jobs. He talked about how hard he has been working to put the shop in order for inspection. He is very dedicated and is disappointed in others who do not hold similar principles. He told me he might only have four days for Thanksgiving. Something about him not putting in for orders soon enough might cause that. He is working parking at a fair in Cherry Point this weekend. It is an effort for the Marines to give back to the community. He is not thrilled over it because he will have no time off this weekend.


I woke up to Hope licking my face at 7:00 this morning. I am glad I have a puppy dog to wake me up. She adds much love to my life. I ate a piece of pound cake and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


Mom bathed Hope and Penny. I dressed Hope in her newest outfit afterward.


I cleaned my bathroom.


We washed a load of whites and towels. I had lots of socks to wash.


I checked email and comments on my blog. I read a couple of chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


I drank six cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


I took the beads out and made Mom two necklaces. They turned out well and Mom was pleased. These took longer than the first one I made because I started with the center instead of just stringing them from end to end. One turned out long and one short. I did not realize how much difference there was in the length of the beads I used.


I ate a barbequed deer sandwich and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for lunch. The sandwich was very good.


I made a bookmark with the beads. The first time I strung them I cut the knot too close and the beads came off so I had to string them again.


Sam’s Mom called and wanted to meet me to give me the book I had lent Sam shortly before he died. She was coming out but her plans changed and she called me back. She said she also had one of Sam’s Scarlett O’Hara dolls to give me. I was very surprised she had chosen to give me something that had meant so much to Sam. Traffic in town is bad on Friday night and she is not familiar with Douglasville. We decided we would try to meet tomorrow or the next time she is down here.


I am thankful:


  1. For the deer meat James gave me yesterday. I have two containers I can eat from over time.
  2. For the necklaces I was able to create for Mom.
  3. That Alex is staying in communication with me.
  4. That Mom’s bronchitis and congestion are better. She still is not well but her coughing is not as bad.
  5. For the poems I have created since beginning writing in my blog daily.
  6. For clean clothes.
  7. For my iPod and Bose SoundDock.
  8. For music.
  9. For poetry.
  10. For friends and family.


I read another couple of chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


I ate eggs and toast for supper. Mom cooked them and they were very good.



Jo Ann Wink

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Cool Thursday


Alex and I chatted for a while late last night. He says he is coming home for a week at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am glad he is coming for Thanksgiving. I was not sure he would have the time off. He is enjoying playing Guild Wars now that he quit World of Warcraft. He says Guild Wars is actually a better game. He likes the way he can develop characters. I bought Guild Wars for him when it first came out and he did not like it. I am glad he finds it interesting now.


I woke up at 8:15. Hope and I left the bed quickly. I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I also drank several cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


I checked email and made a reply to a comment on my blog.


James called Mom and asked her to come up and stay with him while he cleaned the two deer he shot this morning.


I read a couple of chapters in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


Mom called and wanted me to call Kroger and Publix to check prices on pork tenderloin. I called Sam’s to see if they sold it. It was $2.88 a pound there. Mom called back and wanted me to call Hudson’s to find out the price of a gallon of barbeque sauce. I told her Sam’s had the tenderloin, but she still wanted me to call Kroger to check their price. I called Hudson’s and found a gallon of sauce cost $10.00. Then I called Kroger and found their price for tenderloin was $3.99 a pound. I called Mom and she said they wanted a gallon of barbeque sauce. She said to get the tenderloin at Sam’s.


I drove into town and stopped at Texaco for gas. My gas gauge does not work so I have to be careful to keep gas in the car. I bought almost $20.00 of gas. I picked up Mom’s tenderloin and a gallon of milk at Sam’s. I drove to Hudson’s and bought a gallon of barbeque sauce.


I drove up to James’ and delivered the tenderloin and sauce. James had deer on the grill pit. Mom unpackaged the tenderloin and he added it to the grill. I went home because I needed to put the milk in the refrigerator.


I checked my blog buddies blogs and commented on several of them that had new entries.


Mom came home to get dishes and spices. She told me James said it would be two or three hours before the meat was ready. After she left I put a Lean Cuisine roasted potatoes with broccoli and cheese sauce in the microwave. James called a few minutes later and asked if I wanted some deer barbeque. I said yes and he told me to bring a plate and come up there. I waited for the microwave to finish and took three Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Colas with me. I dropped my car keys on the way to the car and did not realize it. I got to the car and thought I might have dropped the keys in the house to which I had locked the door. I walked toward the house and found the keys. I was relieved. I drove up to James. Alicia asked me if I brought her some of the roasted potatoes and I had to tell her no. She asked if I had another drink because she cannot drink the regular cokes James drinks. She is diabetic. I went to the car and brought her a drink.


I ate some of the deer with barbeque sauce. It was delicious. After I ate I cut up some of the meat. We filled a pot Mom had brought. Mom and I asked if it was okay for us to leave even though all the meat was not cooked. James said yes and that I should take the pot full of deer meat. I came home and put the meat into storage containers. I decided to take Alicia a twelve pack of Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Colas. Hope and I drove up to James with them. Alicia was very happy to get the drinks and thanked me profusely. James gave me some more deer meat. I drove to the mailbox and collected a letter. It was hard toting Hope, the meat, and the letter to the house, but I managed to make it. I put the meat in the freezer.


Mom cooked a pound cake so that she would have some to take to James.


I took my shower and dressed in my pajamas. I ate some barbeque deer for supper. I ate a piece of pound cake too. It was very good.


Choosing Goodness


I am learning

It is easier

To pay attention

When I am mindful

Of what is going on

Around me.


I can expect

Good things

To happen

When I am

Open to their



My life is

One long


Of ongoing


When I choose it.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© October 25, 2007


I read some more in Coming To Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.



Jo Ann Wink

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