Uneventful Day


I woke up at 7:00 this morning. Hope was calm and waited for me to put her leash on without jumping off the bed.


Mom went out and cleaned up the lawnmower. It was useless because when she tried to crank it the rope would not pull. We need a new lawn mower; even a used one would be good. The one we have was used and we have gotten a couple of seasons out of it, which is more than was expected when it was purchased.


Mom worked in the garden a while and I stayed out with her most of the time.


Mom wanted to cook a pound cake, but all the recipes she found used ingredients she did not have. I went on  http://www.cooking.com/recipes/browse_categories.asp and got a couple of recipes. She had all the ingredients for one of them so she fixed a pound cake. When she took it out of the pan, it was not done so she tried to put it back in the pan and it fell apart.


My refrigerator is still not working right. Things are not staying cold enough. Mom told James about it and he said vacuum the dog hair out of it and it would work right. I vacuumed out the vent on the back, but I do not think that is going to fix it.


I chatted with Alex a few minutes. He says the shop is in trouble because they have a squadron inspection October 21 and their paperwork is screwed up. I hope he will not be in trouble. Alex has a good record in the Marine Corps so far.


I have watched Chuck tonight and am going to watch Heroes and Journeyman.


Talk to you tomorrow.



Jo Ann Wink

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