Busy, busy, busy


I enjoyed my TV shows last night. It is so unusual for me to watch TV. I am amazed that I have found three shows I really like. Nothing on television I like tonight though.


Last night I forgot to take my Risperdal at 7:30 as I usually do. I thought about it about 11:40 after I had gone to bed. I got up and took it. I went to sleep fairly quickly.


I woke up at 7:45 this morning. Hope was up and licking me. She really wanted me to get up. She jumped off the bed before I put the leash on her, but she came back and stood for me to put it on.


I ate pound cake for breakfast. When I got dressed, Mom decided it was time for her to get ready to go to town. I told her we were not leaving for a couple of hours. Our appointment at Kroger for the flu shots was not until 2:45.


I called the library and renewed my books. I should be reading more. I have some very good books checked out.


Mom took some Sunny D up to James and got a thermometer to go in my fridge. The thermometer did not work right so we could not accurately read the temperature. We decided we would get a thermometer at Wal-Mart.


A few minutes before 12:00 Mom asked if I wanted to go into town and eat fish for lunch. I told her I would rather eat at New China. The last few times I ate out we had fish. She said that was fine and we left shortly after 12:00. The food was delicious. The manager asked how we were doing and commented on how long it had been since we had last eaten there. I have not been eating out as much because my money has been running short each month.


After we finished eating, we went to Wal-Mart where Mom bought several items. I just bought a dress for Hope. Thank God, I get paid tomorrow. I only have $1.30 left in my checking account. I should not have spent my rainy day money on books at Borders Friday, but I really could not resist. I rarely give in to my impulses that way.


We went to Kroger and surprisingly Mom filled out her paperwork to get her shot. Usually I do all her paperwork. We got our flu shots in a very few minutes.


We went to Sam’s and picked up Mom’s medicine and she bought two watermelons. The doctor had called in the Mobic so hopefully it will help her arthritis hurt less.


Alex called and talked to me about thirty minutes. He is very upset about how things are being done in his shop. He stayed until 5:00 this morning trying to straighten things out. He is only one and cannot fix all the problems. He is such a dedicated Marine. I am so proud of him.


My refrigerator is only cooling to 63 degrees. I knew it was not working right. I hope we can get it fixed or get a new one. It would be hard for us to use only one refrigerator. This fridge is only about two years old. It should not have gone bad so soon.


I wonder if anyone is reading my musings. I guess it is enough that this has become my journal and that I am writing something everyday. It is a record of the passage of time and maybe that has some worth.


Hope is lying on my bed. She likes to hang out while I am using the computer. I am glad she likes to be near me. She is such a sweet puppy.



Jo Ann Wink

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