When Things Don’t Go As Planned


I got up at 7:30 this morning. Hope was ready to get out of bed.


The technician called about 7:40 and said he was on his way to come fix the refrigerator. Mom was not up yet because her Mobic had allowed her to get a good night’s sleep. We both got dressed and the technician got here about 8:20. He was the first person to find our house without detailed directions. He took the freezer apart and diagnosed the problem. He said the defrost heater was not working. The part only cost $31.68 but the labor cost $177.00. Mom called James and he said pay the service call and we would get a new refrigerator. Therefore, Mom paid $64.00 for the technician coming out. Unfortunately the defrost heater was not covered under the two to five year parts and labor warranty. Mom unplugged the refrigerator and let the unit defrost and has plugged it back in. The technician said it might work a week or two after doing that. She is saying she cannot afford a new fridge and I do not have the money for one so I do not know what is going to happen. I cleaned up the refrigerator just in case we have to keep it. I do not think it is going to work very well without the new part. Carrie Leigh said she would put it in if we got the new part, but Mom did not say I should order it.


I read several pages in and did some exercises from Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel. I think this is a very good book. It gets at the root causes of creative block and recommends solutions for moving forward.


Hope hid this morning when the technician came. She was well behaved for a couple of hours after he left. She started aggravating Penny and I tied her up for a while. She has been on and off the leash much of the afternoon and evening. Mom wanted me to let her loose so I did. Right now, she is lying on my pillow. I wish she would leave Penny alone. She tore the stuffing out of one of her toys last night and I had to throw it away. I have never seen a more destructive dog, but at the same time, she is so loving.


I started reading a memoir today. I read only a few pages, but it seemed very good.




There is nothing

To limit my meaning

But a lingering sense

Inside my mind

That what I create

Does not matter.


This feeling inside

That there is no worth

In what I am or do

No matter how hard

I work or try

To accomplish things.


Inside myself

I must come to

Understand that

I have meaning

And purpose

That are important.


I may not be able

To do as much

As some others

But what I do

Is valuable

And has significance.


The change must start

Inside my heart

To realize a good effect

Throughout my life

By creating confidence

In my work and myself.


Inside I must be strong

Enough to follow through

On the purposes I set

For my life and work

Letting creation flow

And becoming real.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© October 3, 2007


Well that is a good first draft. Maybe I will work on it more or maybe I will let it be as it is. The word Inside stuck in my head a few days ago and I just let my mind wander from there.


I hope everyone is doing well.



Jo Ann Wink

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