In Which I Accomplish Much…


I woke up at 7:15 and took Hope to her leash in the kitchen and laundry room. I ate pound cake for breakfast. Mom was not up when I finished eating and I felt sleepy, so I went back to bed. Penny came and got in bed with me. Mom woke me at 10:00. I guess I really needed a nap.


I got an email from MountainWings inviting me to re-subscribe to their inspirational newsletter. I went to and entered my information so I would start receiving it again. I had missed the daily emails but did not know what to do to resume getting them. You might enjoy this newsletter. If you would like to receive it just click on the link and subscribe.


We washed three loads of clothes. There were enough to separate them into whites with towels, red shades with lighter colors, and darks or blues.


Mom took Skelaxin and Zanaflex to help with her arthritis pain and they made her unsteady and groggy. I fixed her a bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch so she would not have to get out of her chair. I ate a piece of leftover pizza.


UPS had not brought the part for the refrigerator at 2:30 so I called Sears Parts to see if there was some mix-up. They told me the part was on backorder and they had no idea when it would get to us. I was very disappointed because the refrigerator needs to be fixed.


I signed up for three free courses on HP Learning Center. One is based on Leonardo’s Notebooks. The other two cover the programs Outlook 2003 and Corel DRAW 12. I did the first lesson in all three courses today.


After a while, Mom got up and baked brownies to carry to Thomasville for the reunion tomorrow. Three would not fit in the containers so I ate one and Mom took the other two to James. She called me while I was in the shower to say she would not be home for a while. Then Alicia called and asked me to come up to James’ house. We had supper of fish from the pond, hush puppies, and french fries. It was very good.


I did not communicate with Alex today. He never came online and he did not answer his cell phone. He may not have very many minutes for the cell phone. It is a trac phone and is very expensive.


Hope has been bothering Penny incessantly today. I have kept her tied up quite a lot. When she is loose and has to be disciplined constantly, I cannot get anything done.


I am afraid I did not do anything creative today. The lessons from HP Learning Center took up quite a bit of my time. Maybe tomorrow, while I am home alone I will accomplish something creative. I have to get up at 6:00 to carry Mom to meet her ride. I will have a long day to fill with meaning.


Hope each of you has a wonderful weekend.



Jo Ann Wink

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