Creative Prose from One of My Prompts

What gives you pleasure?

Do it today… You deserve happiness.


Writing gives me a great deal of pleasure. I enjoy seeing words spread across the blank page. Writing gives form to my thoughts and expresses my meaning. I am more alive when I write because I record my experience. I see more clearly what is happening in my life.


Writing creatively in the form of poetry or prose is a celebration. I reach for my best self when I make a beautiful line.


I do not always know what to say or how to say it, but if I write something comes to me. I often learn something through my writing. It may be an idea I would not have noticed were I not writing.


I am not always inspired and some of what I write may be mundane, but expressing my truth is a comfort to me. In this world we must take comfort where we find it; for much of life is harsh and inhospitable to our dreams.


I am glad I can express myself through my writing. When the writing goes well it is sheer joy. Writing is something I must do simply because I am alive. It is essential to my life. Without writing I would be bereft. Sometimes I do not write and my life is not as full at those times. Writing is happiness.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© October 6, 2007


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