Monday, Monday…


I woke up at 7:15 and Hope and I got up out of bed. I had a brownie and Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


I called Discover and set up for Mom to receive Borders gift cards for her cash back bonus. She will be getting $125.00 in gift cards. Probably she will give some of them to me for Christmas. I called Sears Parts to find out when the darn defrost heater for the stupid Magic Chef refrigerator would be coming. They said they would send a request to their research department and I should get a reply within forty-eight hours. I am quite disgusted. I ordered my medicine at Sam’s Pharmacy.


I spent some time following Mom around. She was doing things and I was keeping her company. She went to James’ and I read some email. Hope and I walked to the mailbox to put Mom’s Discover payment in the mail. Walking to the mailbox and back is half a mile.


I did the lesson on Outlook 2003 from HP Learning Center. It was about Contacts and I knew most of it already. I learned how to create rules to sort my email into folders in the first lesson. This was something I had wanted to know for a while. I guess I could have learned it from help, but I did not know what to call it.


I ate leftover lasagna for lunch. It was good.


I painted the letters on the Pond George sign for Mom. The outlines were already there because the sign had them burnt into it, but that had faded.


Mom added extra dirt around the collards. I helped by hooking the trailer up for her and by turning the water on and off.


Hope and I walked to the mailbox to check the mail. It was after 3:00 and the payment was not gone so I brought it back to the house. We do not leave checks in the mailbox overnight for fear of someone getting them.


I am still very disappointed in Alex. It hurts to have him tell me to leave him alone. I hope he will relent soon. He has not been online since Saturday when he was rude to me. He may just be appearing offline when he is on. I keep trying to tell myself I do not care, but it is not working well.


I read an article on that says diet soda probably causes cancer. I have heard this from various people for years. I am not giving up my diet colas. I guess I have to die of something anyway. I am down to only drinking around three diet colas a day, from twenty-four a day. I think this is a significant improvement. I drink water now instead of diet colas. I have been doing this for about two or three years. I just do not think I can give up diet cola completely. I like it too much.


I quit smoking in 2000. I still miss cigarettes. I wish I could have them, but my Mom would have a fit, and I know they are bad for me. I did that for my health. I do not think I can give up diet cola. It would mean missing something else I enjoy. I deserve some small pleasures.


I am really enjoying being a part of I have made a few posts and many replies. The people in the group are friendly.


Mom cooked scrambled eggs and toast for supper. She asked me why I did not cook more. I told her that her cooking tasted better. I am not much of a cook. I never have been good at it.


I renewed my domain name at I do not know why I am keeping but for now, I am. I guess I still hope I will do something with it. I would love to get the magazine going again as an online enterprise this time, but I do not know if I am up to all the work it would entail. It would be a work of love, not for money. I shall think about it. I enjoyed it when I did it before, but that was years ago. I had more energy back then and I was writing more so my skills were up to editing.


I am writing this entry early because I am looking forward to my television shows tonight.



Jo Ann Wink

  1. #1 by Laoch on October 8, 2007 - 11:23 pm

    I am so suggestible, I desperately want a diet soda now.

  2. #2 by Tami on October 9, 2007 - 9:19 am

    Sorry to hear that Alex is hurting you.   There must be something very intense on his mind because Marines are taught to be RESPECTFUL at all times.   I know he is a fairly new Marine but don\’t have all the details.   If I were in your shoes I would just send him a quick note and let him KNOW that he hurt your feelings but that you will wait for him to contact you since he doesn\’t seem to want to talk to you right now.   Let him know that you love him no matter what and you are proud of the man he has become.   That always seemed to work on my kids when they would distance themselves from me at times.   They always come back though, usually better than ever.
    hugs to you since I sense you could use some!  

  3. #3 by Jo Ann on October 9, 2007 - 12:16 pm

    Hi Laoch, hope your wanting a diet soda is a good thing. I love them. I would drink more, but am trying to be good.
    Hi Tami, glad you stopped by. I think Alex just gets frustrated with me because I chat with him when he wants to do other things online. I am hoping he did not really mean to hurt me. He is rude with me at times and has been for years. I think it is because he does not feel I am accomplishing enough in my life. He does not respect me much. I am his Mom and he loves me, but he wishes I was doing more in my life. He graduated boot camp on October 13 last year, so he is still a fairly new Marine. I hope he will chat with me by the thirteenth because I want to congratulate him on making a year. I am just letting him get in contact with me. He would probably feel it was stupid for me to be upset. I always tell him I love him and that I am proud of him. He knows this. I have to let it go, and I will over time. It is just a fresh wound. He will probably get in touch in a few days. Maybe it will be two weeks or more, but he will talk to me again. He is being independent and I can understand that.
    Thanks for the hugs. I needed them.
    Jo Ann

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