Typical Wednesday


I woke up at 8:15 this morning. Hope licked my face to wake me up. She is an excellent alarm clock. I am so glad she sleeps with me now instead of sleeping in the crate.


I had a brownie and a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


Mom got a phone call from her friend June to confirm they were going out together. She left before 9:00.


I checked my email and my blog. I wrote some replies. I got a call from one of Mom’s friends who had been given a computer. The computer was asking for XP discs. She wanted to know if I knew anything to do for it. Mom’s friends consider me a computer guru. I told her she needed the XP discs. I could not do anything to help because it was asking for original discs. I had a Service Pack 2 disc and a XP Professional Upgrade disc, but she needed the original operating system discs. My computer guru confirmed my diagnosis.


I ate White Castle hamburgers for lunch. They were good. It was nice to have something prepared.


Hope and I walked to the mailbox and Mom passed us on the way. She found a yard sale today and bought some blankets and an outfit. The things she got were very nice. She needed the blankets because the ones she had for her bed were too small. She bought a advent truck for my brother for Christmas. I told her she had to put something in all the little drawers. She did not know that. I do not know what she should use, but suggested candy. I really know very little about these things.


I called Sears Parts today to find out when the darn defrost heater is coming. They still do not have any idea when it will get here. I am so disgusted. It is a good thing we have two refrigerators in the house or I would be irate.


I called Sam’s Mom today. She sounded good although her car had been stolen and recovered. She also had a wreck in the rental car, but it was not her fault. Sam’s ex-wife is buying his house, so that gets his parents out from under that bill. I am still not sure whether to send her the poem I wrote about missing Sam. I think she would like it, but I do not want to add to her sorrow.


The mail had not run when we went to the mailbox the first time. Hope and I walked to the mailbox again and retrieved the mail. Most of it was junk. That is how it usually is. Junk mail; just like the spam on my computer. Hope is calmer and less apt to bother Penny after we walk. I probably should walk her every day. I put her harness on today so she did not choke herself while we walked.


I am taking some food along on my trip tomorrow. Mom wanted to cook brownies for me, so she did that. I am excited that I am going to spend the day in the country taking pictures. I hope to see some wild animals. It will be fun. I am not looking forward to getting up so early. I am leaving here at 6:30 so that I will see the sunrise. It is supposed to be cooler tomorrow and Mom is suggesting I take a jacket, but I do not think I will need one. The day is supposed to be sunny, so it should be nice.


I hope I do not get a headache tomorrow. I usually drink four to eight cups of coffee in the morning and I will miss that because I will be traveling. The caffeine I take in before noon usually keeps me from getting a headache. The days I miss my coffee I sometimes have terrible headaches. I guess I am addicted to the caffeine, but I do not drink it after noon so that I can sleep at night.


I had Ravioli for supper. I had not eaten a can of those in a while and they were excellent.


Alex still has not communicated with me. I am mostly over being upset and angry. I sure would like to know what is going on with him. I miss him. Everyone tells me he is just growing up, but he is my best friend and we are not supposed to stop communicating with one another. I am glad I have Hope to spend my affection on. She helps me be less lonely.


I probably will not write tomorrow because I am spending all day away from home. I expect I will have an interesting entry on Friday though.



Jo Ann Wink

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