Yesterday and Today


I set my alarm clock to wake me at 6:00 Thursday morning, but Mom called me at 5:45 so I got an early start. I packed out the car and left at 6:30. The sun came up while I was on the highway, but it was not spectacular. I ate a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit at Mc Donald’s for breakfast. I managed to get grease on my shirt. I made a two and a half hour drive to my destination. Once I got there, I was so busy that I did not take any pictures. I ate a bologna and cheese sandwich, chips, and a brownie for lunch. I rode on a four-wheeler and got a huge bruise on my back because I almost fell off. I had a wonderful time. I got home about 10:20 last night and took a shower. I ate a snack type supper. I got to bed a little after 12:00.


This morning Mom called me at 8:15. I really was not ready to get up, but knew I should not argue. Hope was happy to get up. I wish I had as much energy as Hope does. She is always peppy.


I ate a frosted brownie and a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


I checked my email and had a huge amount to go through. One day is not long to be offline, but email piles up.


Hope and I walked to the mailbox because Mom did not check the mail yesterday. Hope pulls so hard against her harness that it is hard to control her on the leash. I wish I could teach her to walk without pulling.


Mom wanted to go to town, so we left shortly after lunch. I paid my AT&T bill before we left so that I would know how much money I had to spend.


We went to the bank where Mom cashed a check, and then we went to PetSmart and purchased dog food and a couple of dog toys. We went to Sam’s to get my medicine, but that was not all we wound up getting. I found a Cross pen and pencil set, Be The Pack Leader by Cesar Millan, and a boxed set of glass beads. I really should not have gotten any of this, but I excused my purchases by saying I deserve some things I want. Mom bought several things including two watermelons. When we got to the Explorer Mom realized one of the watermelons was rotten. She and I returned it to the service desk and got a good one. Mom did not want to stand in line to get a new receipt for the return, so she just walked out of the store with the employees arguing with her. Mom is not feeling well and did not want the hassle. I just hope that we still are allowed in Sam’s. We went to Wal-Mart and did the remainder of our grocery shopping.


When we got home the house was hot because I had not turned on the air conditioner this morning. I switched the thermostat to heat last night and just did not change it back to air. I was tired after going to town and bringing the groceries and purchases inside. I sat down and rested a while, then ate supper.


Hope and I walked to the mailbox and got today’s mail. She pulled on the leash so hard it made my hand hurt. I hope maybe I will learn something to do about her pulling from my new book.


Alex has not communicated with me. I am hoping he will decide to chat with me soon. I want to tell him congratulations for being a Marine a year. I miss him.


I am grateful:

  1. For the time I spend walking Hope.
  2. For the bead set I found at Sam’s today.
  3. For the pens I collect.
  4. For my Social Security benefits.
  5. For my brother’s girlfriend, Alicia.
  6. For the time I spent away from the house yesterday.
  7. That I was not hurt more seriously on the four-wheeler.
  8. For my blog.
  9. For friends I have made online.
  10. For my health.


The weather is getting cooler. At night, I am turning on the heater, just in case it needs to run to keep the house warm. I do not want Mom to get cold. I actually like the house cooler when I sleep, but Mom has arthritis and right now she has a cold, so I want her warm enough.


I need to write and send some more cards. People love getting cards. It is personal mail and there is so little of that these days. It brightens a person’s day to get a card and I love to make people smile. I have many cards I have bought over the years. I collect blank cards. Writing is something I can do that does not cost a lot. Maybe I will do this tomorrow. I am still debating sending Sam’s Mom the poem I wrote about him. I am leaning toward doing it.


Hope is lying on my pillow. I am glad she is a small dog. Otherwise, I would not want her to sleep with me. I would not be able to hold her and carry her around if she was much bigger. I like giving her the attention she demands. She means a lot to me. I am so glad my Mom encouraged me to get her. Hope fills up my life with a little taste of joy each day. Even though she is a terrorist dog I love her very much.



Jo Ann Wink

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