Another Poem




We are a varied tribe

That meets on this riverbank

We call existence or life.

Our names are often forgotten

And we travel like ghosts

Through the moments of our days.


The importance of our names

Does not outshine the tribe.

We strive to navigate the riverbank,

But we are worth less than the ghosts

That have gone before us

Because we have sacrificed our meaning.


We must recapture the splendor

Of our names to make the tribe

More than a gathering of ghosts

Huddled on the riverbank

Without any direction to guide us

Into our purpose and significance.


We are a blessed tribe

That lives with sacred names

Honoring the ghosts from our past

Who have departed the riverbank

Leaving us to experience

Life and sustain our essence.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© October 14, 2007

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