Agreeable Monday


I had a restless night because Hope kept coming up and licking my face. I woke up several times before I got up at 7:45. I may have been restless because I forgot to take my Risperdal last night. I ate a brownie and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


Mom felt worse this morning so I called her doctor and scheduled an appointment for 3:45.


I called in Mom’s medicine. She had six prescriptions to order.


Hope would not leave Penny alone so I tied her up. She was very energetic and anxious. I read in Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark. This book has some good reminders of lessons I have learned. I checked email and wrote some replies. I let Hope go because she seemed calmer.


Alex called. He was very excited because he ran three miles in twenty-two minutes and twenty-five seconds. He wanted to share his happiness with me. I am proud of him and very glad he called.


I had a bologna and cheese sandwich for lunch. Mom ate a pineapple and cheese sandwich.


Alex called again. He was still excited and celebrating. We talked about thirty minutes. I congratulated him on a year as a Marine. He is happy he is a Marine. He said he might start a real hobby since he is quitting World of Warcraft. I do not think he realized how much time he spent on the game. I suggested he participate in National Novel Writing Month, but he said he did not think he would have time. He is writing stories though.


I read some more. The doctor’s office called at 2:00 and said Mom could come in. I packed a cooler, tied Hope, and we left. We waited about twenty minutes in the office. Mom has bronchitis and congestion causing her throat soreness and dizziness. The doctor gave her some samples and a prescription for an antibiotic.


We stopped at Arby’s for a Jamocha Shake for Mom. We went by Lowe’s and picked up Miracle Gro. At Sam’s we ate hot dogs and picked up Mom’s prescriptions. When we got home, I let Hope go, but immediately tied her back up because she attacked Penny. Penny was left outside on the front porch while we were gone. I am glad the weather was mild.


Hope and I drove to the mailbox and picked up the day’s mail. The cashback bonus Borders gift cards came. Mom gave me $50.00 worth of gift cards. Her DirecTv bill charged her for the service call that was supposed to be a courtesy call. I called DirecTv and they credited the charge. I wonder if they thought we would pay that amount without question. The check from Alex for the truck payment arrived.


I took my shower because my television shows come on tonight. I look forward to watching Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman.



Jo Ann Wink

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