A Day at the Hospital


Hope licked my face until I woke up at 7:45. I ate a brownie and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


I checked email and blog comments. I made some replies. I try to answer all the comments made on the blog.


I packed a cooler and an activity bag for my trip to the hospital with my brother. I tied Hope up so she would not do any harm while we were gone. Mom and I drove up to James’ house a few minutes before 11:00. James drove to the hospital. Alicia and I rode in the Explorer’s back seat. We had a little conversation on the way. Mom rode in the front passenger seat.


Shortly after we arrived at the hospital, James was called back to a room. Mom and Alicia sat with him as he waited for treatment. I waited in a waiting room. I read several chapters in Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark. After about an hour, I went to tell them I was going to the restroom and James was upset that I had a soda in the hospital. He said I could catch something from the germs there. Mom went with me to the gift shop after I used the restroom. She and I sat in the waiting area for about an hour. I went back to the room to see why Alicia had not come out. They told me there was an emergency in the room where James was supposed to go. I went back out to Mom. We went back into the gift shop looking for angel pins. We found one she liked and she purchased it. As we came out of the gift shop Alicia walked up saying she had been looking for us for ten minutes.


We went to McDonald’s and had lunch. I ate a Big and Tasty with cheese meal. Mom ordered the same thing without cheese. Alicia ordered a chicken sandwich and Mom and I were seated with our food for several minutes before she came to the table. I asked her if they had to kill the chicken before she got her meal. She laughed.


When we finished eating, I drove to Hobby Lobby where Mom wanted to shop. I had a gift card that June had given me for my birthday so I picked up some things. I purchased a sketchbook with a purple plastic cover, six blank books, two textured bookmarks to which to attach beads, and a thanksgiving cup. Mom bought a piggy bank. Alicia said she would not tell James we bought anything. We put our purchases in the back of the Sport Trac where they could not be seen. James thinks we have too much clutter to buy anything new.


We went back to the hospital. Mom and Alicia went back to see how James was doing. I went to the restroom. When I came back out to the waiting room Alicia came to the window and motioned for me to come outside. James was in a wheel chair waiting for Mom to bring the Explorer around. I took the driver’s seat and James and Alicia rode in the back.


The doctors were not able to do the biopsy as planned. Evidently, James’ anatomy is a little different to the average person and they could not reach the adrenal gland with the needle. That is why we were able to leave early. Unfortunately, this leaves questions about James’ condition. He says he will go out on his Harley and do some meditation and maybe the problem will disappear before they do more tests. He has such faith and will to survive. It has brought him through many health crises already. He walks after having a broken back, he lives after a horrible heart attack, and he has survived lung cancer four years after being given only two weeks to live. He is the strongest person I have ever met. He is not ready to die and he does not plan to do so.


I was exhausted after we arrived home so I did not walk up to the mailbox. The mail can wait until tomorrow. I do not understand why I was so tired, but maybe waiting with nerves can cause energy loss. I checked my email.


Hope managed to get two of Mom’s medicine bottles and scattered medicine all over the floor. I hope she did not eat any of the pills, but we could not find one of them out of one bottle and I do not know how many were in the other. I will have to watch her closely tonight and tomorrow. I have her tied up right now so she will not bother Penny. She is in rare terrorist dog form this evening. She looks so deceptively innocent. I have never seen nor heard of a dog that could get into so much trouble.


I hope each of you had a good day.



Jo Ann Wink

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