Crafty Thursday


I woke up at 6:15. I took Hope to the laundry room/kitchen and tied her up. I ate a brownie and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. I was sleepy and went back to bed leaving Hope tied up. I woke up again at 8:30.


I checked my email and wrote replies. I did three HP Learning Center lessons on Outlook 2003. I learned about calendar, tasks, notes, and journal. I do not use these features, but now I can if I want to do so.


I unpacked the bead set I bought at Sam’s. It was wrapped very securely. I wanted to use the set but could not find any instructions on tying the clasps to the string.


I ate a bologna, cheese, and tomato sandwich. The tomato was out of the garden. There are few tomatoes now.


Mom wanted to cook a pound cake. I helped her read the recipe. When she began to put sugar in she found the container had ants in it. We had to go to the convenience store and buy a five pound bag of sugar. Before she put the cake in the oven the recipe said to tap it on the counter five times. This eliminates air bubbles. The cake did not fall as most of Mom’s pound cakes do. I think the tapping is the reason it did not fall.


Hope and I rode up to the mailbox and retrieved yesterday and today’s mail.


I tried to string some beads on some of the line contained in the set. It unraveled. I tried some line I had purchased at another time. It unraveled. I finally strung the beads on fishing line. It worked well. I made a necklace for Mom. She wanted one to go with a new shirt she bought last week. It was a hassle working with the beads. I rather write. I have many beads with which to make projects so I should work with them more. I want to make some bookmarks with beads. Necklaces are harder to make and I do not like them. Mom said she would pay me for making more necklaces for her if I enjoyed doing it. I told her I did not like it. I may do it anyway to make some money.


I do not understand how anyone can be cruel to a puppy. The news showed a story about drug dealers using puppies to smuggle drugs. They cut the puppies open, insert the drugs, sew them up, and then open them up at the drug destination. I think these people should be jailed for a long time. Hope is so dear to me. It makes me sick to think of anyone doing anything so heinous to her.


I wrote the following poem using these words: sleep, friend, visible, night.




My friends are visible

Until night comes down

Allowing me to sleep.


I love the night

Like a visible friend

Who leads me into sleep.


In the safety of my bed

Invisible to my friends

I sleep in the night.


Sleep is a good friend

That lets me leave the visible

And slip into the night.


Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© October 18, 2007


I chatted with Alex a few moments. I did not want to bug him so I just asked how he was doing and told him I love him. He said he was good and told me he loves me too. I wish he would come home for Thanksgiving, but I do not think he will come until Christmas.



Jo Ann Wink

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