Friday Findings


The phone rang at 8:00 and woke me this morning. Hope and I were out of bed in a hurry. I ate a piece of pound cake and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast.


I checked email and blog surfed to my blog buddies.


I washed a load of various colored clothes.


Alex called to tell me he was on his way to pick up his girlfriend at the Greyhound Station in Raleigh. He talked to me about an hour as he drove. He did quit World of Warcraft. He is playing CounterStrike again. He is working on a couple of stories. I am encouraging him to participate in National Novel Writing Month, but I do not know if he will do it. He says he will very likely come home for Thanksgiving. I am so glad he is talking to me.


Mom cooked a pepperoni pizza for lunch. We are using up all the prepared food in the freezer so we can buy fresh.


I stayed in my pajamas until Mom asked me to come outside and go through some stuff in the barn. She was cleaning out the homemade closet out there. Many of my old things were stored in it and she wanted me to sort those things I wanted to save from the trash. I was shocked when one box revealed my Dungeons & Dragons manuals, Dragon magazines, and Twilight Zone magazines. I thought the manuals were lost years ago. I called Alex and told him I had found the books and he was pleased. He plays Dungeons & Dragons. He will be happy to get the manuals. They are first editions and in good shape. He thinks they might be worth something as collector’s items, but I did not see much indication of that on eBay. I put the books and magazines in the storage building. I also found an old Barbie doll, but she has mildew on her arms and legs and I do not know if she would be worth anything. I received her as a Christmas present in the 1960’s. I am soaking her in a sink with Tide with Bleach. I hope that will help remove some of the mildew.


Mom picked collards from the garden and cooked them for supper. She also cooked cornbread. A country supper was very good. I did not think I liked collard greens, but I do.


I read in Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark. This book focuses on prose writing. There is little about poetry in it. It has some very helpful tools in it.


Sam’s Mom called and said she liked the card I sent with the poem in it. She thanked me for writing the poem.


Mom read the poem I wrote about her to her best friend, June, and she said that there was money in writing poems like that. I do not know about money, but there is a great satisfaction in writing poems that touch people.


I am thankful:


  1. For libraries.
  2. For the five new books I bought this week.
  3. For finding my Dungeons & Dragons manuals.
  4. Alex called me five times this week.
  5. For writing poems.
  6. Hope did not get sick after scattering Mom’s medicine from two bottles on the floor.
  7. For blank books.
  8. For telephones.
  9. For fresh collard greens from Mom’s garden.
  10. For HP Learning Center free lessons.



Jo Ann Wink

  1. #1 by Stephen on October 20, 2007 - 1:49 pm

    What an interesting post. 🙂 I\’m also glad you found your D&D stuff as Ken plays regularly and has a ton of books and he\’s always picking up more when we head to Borders and such. I personally have no interest in it but Ken likes it so he can have at it all he wants as far as I\’m concerned. I\’m trying not to post a play by play of my days as I think I\’d bore too many people – you on the other hand make it interesting. 😉
    Have a great weekend Jo Ann!!! 🙂

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on October 20, 2007 - 10:06 pm

    Thank you Stephen. I often think I am going to bore people to death so it is nice to hear someone thinks what I say is interesting.
    I am looking forward to letting Alex use my D&D books. I wish I could play, but my Mom would have a fit. She thinks D&D is of the devil. She does not realize Alex plays. I am going to bring the books inside while she is at church tomorrow and put them in Alex\’s room. I am surprised you don\’t play with Ken. I guess some people just don\’t get into D&D. I used to love it.
    Jo Ann

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