Slow Saturday…


I woke at 8:00 this morning. Hope was very glad to get out of bed. I was not so much because I went to bed at about 12:00 last night. I ate a slice of pound cake and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Sam’s Cola for breakfast. Mom was not up when I finished eating and I felt sleepy so I went back to bed. It is after all Saturday and okay to sleep a little extra. I slept until 10:15.


Mom bathed Hope and I blew her dry. After she bathed Penny, she dressed her in a baby outfit. I dressed Hope in the dress I bought her a few weeks ago. The dogs look so cute.


Mom went up to James’ and I got dressed. I wore shorts again today even though the day was a bit cooler. I love cooler weather. Even deep winter chills do not bother me. I can bundle up for the cold, but it is harder to stay cool in hot weather. I am one who loves to be comfortable.


Mom came home with bags full of aluminum cans. She crushed them and I helped her put them in one large trash bag. We will take all the cans we have accumulated to the recycling trailer and get money for them. Mom usually gives the money she gets from the cans to Alex for Christmas.


We ate leftover pepperoni pizza for lunch.


Hope has been terrorizing Penny today so she has been tied a lot. I wish there were some other way to stop her from bothering Penny, but nothing else seems to work.


I did some blog surfing, read, and replied to my email. I was glad to see some of my blog buddies had made recent posts. I read a few chapters in Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark. I hope to finish this book soon.


Hope and I rode to the mailbox. I have not felt like walking the last few days. I seem to be suffering from my chronic fatigue syndrome right now. I am exhausted all the time.


We had Margaret Holmes Seasoned Turnip Greens and homemade cornbread for supper. These are excellent canned turnips. They are as good as you get when you eat at most restaurants. They are not quite as good as fresh ones out of the garden though.


I have been giving Mom copies of the poems I write. She wanted a notebook to put them in, but I did not have an empty one. She went into Alex’s room and I followed. I found a notebook she can use. It is one Alex had used in high school. He will not need it anymore, so Mom may as well use it.


Alex came online so I said, "Hi". He answered me and we chatted. La Tes is not with him, which surprised me. I thought they would be inseparable this weekend. I was glad he was alone, but surprised. He is trying to find something to fill the gap left by his quitting World of Warcraft. He is watching television, which is something he never does. We have neither one ever been much for television. Actually he is watching a movie. We like movies. I am really surprised that I am watching television shows this season. It has been a long time since I found a show I liked, much less three.


Mom is going to church tomorrow so I will have the house to myself for a few hours. I will vacuum and just hang out some. I hope to read some.


Monday is Alex’s dad, Richard’s birthday. I have already sent him a card, but will probably call him to wish him a happy day. I think I will do it tomorrow since he is usually very busy on Monday. I also have to take the Explorer to have the transmission serviced at 9:00 Monday morning. I wish my brother had not made such an early appointment. I will have to get up at 7:00 to make it. I like sleeping later than that when I can.


Hope is lying on my bed. I am glad she is being good. I love her to be loose.


I am very concerned that Georgia may have a real water crisis because of the drought. I do not understand why our water has to be used to keep mussels and sturgeons alive when we need it to keep people alive. We are fortunate our water comes from a well, but other people are dependent on our reservoirs. I think the government should be more thoughtful of the people it serves. Water is something people must have and in this severe situation, it should not be wasted. I try to conserve here by taking shorter showers and not washing the car very often. We have not ever watered the lawn so that is not an issue.


I hope your weekend is going well.



Jo Ann Wink

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