Monday Full of Delays


Hope woke me by licking my face at 8:00 this morning. I took her to the kitchen/laundry room and tied her up. I ate six Sandies and drank a Caffeine Free Diet Coke for breakfast. I let Hope loose.


I drank five cups of coffee with vanilla syrup.


I called in Mom’s prescriptions to Sam’s.


I took my shower so that I would not have to take it tonight.


I checked email and comments on my blog. I made some replies.


I asked Mom if she wanted to go into town for lunch since she had a 2:30 doctor appointment. She said yes so I tied Hope up, packed a cooler, and my tote bag.


We went by the dry cleaners, picked up Mom’s altered pants, and left some pants to be altered. We stopped at Texaco for gas, but they were out of gas so we went to RaceTrac. We went to Zaxby’s for lunch and had to wait twenty minutes for our meals. Mom’s sandwich was not done and tough so I asked for another one to go. They took down our name and phone number. I was not happy. Mom received another sandwich though.


We went to the doctor’s office. We arrived at 2:00 for a 2:30 appointment. Mom was called back at 3:05. We waited on the doctor until 3:30. The doctor gave Mom her cortisone shot and ordered a chest x-ray. The doctor gave Mom some samples of a stronger antibiotic and a cough medicine. Getting the x-ray took until 4:15.  They think Mom may have pneumonia.


We went to the library and I returned a book and picked up three. We went to Sam’s and turned in a prescription. We strolled around the store while we waited for them to fill the Mobic prescription. I looked at laptop computers, wishing I could get one. I picked up some Listerine. Mom picked up some eggs and grapes. We checked out at the pharmacy. Mom had eight prescriptions to pick up.


We got home at about 5:20 and I let Hope loose. She rode with me to put the Explorer away in the barn.


Mom cooked salmon patties for supper. They were very good.


I am hoping Alex will call me and let me know about the inspection.


I am going to watch Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman tonight.


I hope you all have a good evening.



Jo Ann Wink

  1. #1 by Tami on October 30, 2007 - 5:00 pm

    Hope your mom feels better.   I\’m enjoying your poems.  Thanks for sharing with us.
    hugs from another Marine mom,

  2. #2 by Jo Ann on October 30, 2007 - 5:19 pm

    Thank you for stopping by Tami. Mom is still feeling sick, I am hoping a few days of the antibiotic will have her feeling better.
    I am glad you are enjoying the poems. I wish I could write more of them. I love sharing them.
    Hugs back at You,
    Jo Ann

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